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PISS CUP, People

Older brothers, man. They torment you when you're a kid, and you think it'll end when you're adults - but no, because then they're uncles who torment you via your own children.

When we moved to Ohio, my brother Steve and his family moved here too, and it's great having them around. We live really close to an amusement park, and every single Saturday, without fail, he takes one of the boys there. This past Saturday, it was my five-year-old's turn, and he was excited about his "Corbin-and-Uncle-Steve-time."

Early that afternoon, after they'd spent several hours at the park, I texted Steve to tell him that we were getting ready to go somewhere and we'd swing by to pick Corbin up (side note: he used to call himself "Bun" instead of Corbin when we were little, so that's who I'm referring to). I wanted to make sure he went to the bathroom to avoid this type of situation. Here's the text exchange that ensued, my brother being hi…

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