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Pack(age) Rat

Hey y'all!

Remember me? I'm the one who pops in less and less frequently now that her kids are like, "MOM! Don't blog about that!" Since I don't want to rack up therapy bills, I'm trying to take their wishes into consideration, although it makes for a boring blog.

*fights urge to write post about the stash of skidmarked undies I found behind the bathroom sink*

Anyway, I need your opinion to help settle a dispute I'm having with my husband. He thinks I exhibit a behavior that's a little bit ... abnormal. And it's this:

Hi, my name is Rita, and I'm a box hoarder.
You may know (and if you don't, read this) that my house is tidy - I'm kind of anal about it - but my closets and cabinets are a whooooole other story. And it doesn't help that I save boxes. Yes, almost every box I get. My entire top shelf, as you can see, is full of them. Curtis thinks it's weird, but I say it's practical. Especially this time of year, for two rea…

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