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Help Me Not Feel Like a Flabby Freaking Mess

Help, y'all.

In a month and a half, my husband and I are going to Grenada for a week. A WEEK OF VACATION IN A TROPICAL PLACE OMG HAS IT BEEN 45 DAYS YET?! This is epic, because a.) we've always been too broke to go anywhere, and b.) we've never had a honeymoon - or a vacation anywhere together, actually - and we've been married for almost 18 years.

But thanks to Curtis's spectacularly generous boss (seriously, best boss ever, no question), we are heading to a Grenadian resort. He and his wife (who is also awesome) spend nearly a month there every year, and this time, we're lucky enough to be tagging along for part of it. And I am so, so, so excited.

But I'm terrified of one aspect of the vacation. Not the plane crashing, not getting kidnapped by pirates in the middle of the Caribbean, not drinking the water and getting diarrhea. Nope. I'm scared of one thing and one thing only: wearing a swimsuit in public.

It's no secret that I have body issues gal…

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