Pack(age) Rat

Hey y'all!

Remember me? I'm the one who pops in less and less frequently now that her kids are like, "MOM! Don't blog about that!" Since I don't want to rack up therapy bills, I'm trying to take their wishes into consideration, although it makes for a boring blog.

*fights urge to write post about the stash of skidmarked undies I found behind the bathroom sink*

Anyway, I need your opinion to help settle a dispute I'm having with my husband. He thinks I exhibit a behavior that's a little bit ... abnormal. And it's this:

Hi, my name is Rita, and I'm a box hoarder.

You may know (and if you don't, read this) that my house is tidy - I'm kind of anal about it - but my closets and cabinets are a whooooole other story. And it doesn't help that I save boxes. Yes, almost every box I get. My entire top shelf, as you can see, is full of them. Curtis thinks it's weird, but I say it's practical. Especially this time of year, for two reasons:

1.) Christmas presents can be weirdly shaped. Like, how are you supposed to wrap a Nerf gun or a football or whatever? But if you've got a box it will fit in, it makes wrapping easier. Anybody can wrap a box. Not everybody can wrap an oddly-shaped package (least of all me, as evidenced here).

2.) My kids had gotten into the (extremely annoying) habit of guessing all their presents solely based on their size. And when you wrap things like DVDs and video games, the size and shape does make what's inside pretty obvious. So now, I put everything in a different box, and I switch it up - if it's a tiny object, I'll put it in a huge box. Or I'll stuff something big into a small box. As long as they can't guess what the hell it is and ruin the surprise.

The problem is, I never know what kind of boxes I'll need until I need them. So throughout the year, I save all the boxes, so I can always be sure that by Christmastime I'll have one that fits whatever I'm trying to wrap. Hence the stash in my closet.

Curtis thinks it's weird. I think it's practical (and, I mean ... I'm recycling. Sheesh).

Anybody else a box hoarder or are you Team Curtis on this one?


  1. How about breaking the boxes down? For one, they won't take up so much space, and two, they won't look so cluttered. You can then store them in a tote, bag or a larger box.

  2. As long as you (potentially) use them, it's not weird. My husband hoards them with no plans of using them again!

  3. I keep (I like the word keep rather than hoard) boxes, too! For the same reasons you mentioned! Then after they are used for gifts and opened throughout the year for birthdays and Christmas, I keep them and use them again. Duh, recycling. Saving money. <3

  4. This seriously feel like we just bonded over our closets. Mine looks exactly the same. 😂


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