It's almost Thanksgiving, and I am like literally counting down the hours until I'm able to partake in the turkey-day feast at my parents' house. I fantasize about Thanksgiving dinner the way obsessed Twi-hards fantasize about sparkly vampires: relentlessly, unceasingly, so-much-it's-kinda-creepy. 

I love my family's Thanksgiving in part because it's so varied. We have the traditional turkey - a 25-pound behemoth my mom gets up at 4 am to put in the oven - and the necessary trimmings: homemade noodles, gravy, rolls, stuffing, green bean casserole, and all that. I'm making my specialty, sauteed Brussels sprouts with caramelized onions, bacon, and cranberries (don't make that face, it's DELICIOUS, y'all). And speaking of cranberries, there's always the requisite can of congealed cranberry jiggle (aka "cranberry sauce") that inevitably gets forgotten in the fridge until after dinner is over.

On top of all that, though, my big brother Steve just happens to be married to a wonderful woman (and a wonderful cook) named Arunporn, who just happens to be from Thailand, and who just HAPPENS to contribute the most scrumptious and yummy Thai dishes to our feast every year. Because really, what Thanksgiving without some Asian food on the table? This year she's making tom yum (a spicy and sour soup), som tam (spicy papaya salad), and egg rolls.

We'll eat, talk about poop and zombies and make fun of each other, and spend the rest of the afternoon a.) huddled around someone's laptop looking at dumb videos on YouTube, b.) lounging in a food-induced stupor on various couches, chairs, and beds, and/or c.) engaging in a rousing game of Garbage Catch, wherein we throw things to each other as hard as we can in hopes that the catcher will fumble and drop whatever item it is: i.e., a "garbage catch." (Last year it was a stuffed bus that said "Office Depot" on the side and honked on impact.) 

My family is, like, sooooo cultured and cosmopolitan.

I can't wait.

The only thing that bugs me about this time of year is all the magazine and news features I'm reading about tips to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving. 


I appreciate the need to be healthy and skinny and all that, but y'all? Thanksgiving is for overeating. Isn't it? Have I been wrong all these years? I fully plan to eat until I groan about how stuffed I am, then throw some stuff at my siblings until I digest a little bit, then eat some more. Thai food, traditional Thanksgiving food, I want it all. IN. MY. BELLY.

Anyway, gotta load up on energy for Black Friday shopping, right?



  1. Ummmm, I don't wanna be totally 4th grade, and point out the obvious....but did you see that your sis in law has "PORN" in her name? hehehehehe Ok, moving on. We never have green bean casserole, which chaps my hyde, because my Mom hates it. LAME! But, I too look forward to the yummy eats, even if I can only eat like six bites before I'm somehow mysteriously so stuffed I could die. Anyway, I think your family sounds like good times for sure. Enjoy your day.

  2. I would LOVE that brussels sprouts recipe! They are my favorite and would love to see the looks on my in-laws' faces when I show up with that on Thursday. Please, please?

  3. I got my elastic waste pants all primed and ready. Thanksgiving is my day! Love it.

  4. Now you make me feel guilty for planning on holding back on the food a little bit this year. But I do like your garbage catch game. Your family totally rocks!

  5. I'm a little jealous of you and the pregnancy pants you get to get away with wearing this Thanksgiving. And damn me for getting my weight down so much that I will feel guilty if I gain any back. RRRRRR!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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