Let me just come right out and say it: my selection of clothing is pretty crappy. Literally everything is my closet is from one of three places: Walmart, Target, or Old Navy. I'm not saying that those places automatically have crappy clothes - actually most of the stuff is very cute - but I tend to go for the very CHEAPEST things those places have to offer because, hello, four money-sucking kids to support.

I can't help it. It hurts me to spend money on myself sometimes - like, I seriously get a squeezing feeling in my chest. If you hand me $200 and say, "Go buy some clothes!" I'd probably hesitantly pick something out (after carefully considering what the maximum value for the money is, of course) and carry it around the store for a while. Letting the guilt sink in more deeply with each step. Thinking, with increasing frequency, "But Colin really needs some new shoes. And Cameron's wearing holes in his jeans. And Coby needs some long-sleeved winter shirts. And Corbin needs ..."

And then I'd end up putting my stuff back and getting the stuff the kids need. It's just how I am. The guilty feeling is gone but the crappy wardrobe remains. I literally cannot understand how people can drop $50 or $75 (or more!) on a pair of shoes that they'll only wear with one or two outfits ... or $250 on a designer purse that's like bright pink or orange and doesn't go with anything ... or change out their entire wardrobes because their shit is soooo last season. Maybe if I had more disposable income I would get it, but I totally do not.

The other day, though, I got a sweet coupon in my email from Old Navy (seriously, this is not a sponsored post - I wish! - but do yourself a favor if you ever shop there and sign up for their email deals). It was for 50% off, y'all. And you know how I love anything cheap. So that's how I found myself justifying actually buying something for myself.

There was just one problem. I'm not all that great at picking out things that look good. (Are you following me on Pinterest? I actually have a board titled, "Outfits I Would Create if I Were Fashionable" wherein I steal other people's ideas.)

So I wandered aimlessly around Old Navy, fingering over all the stuff for a while, seeing things I liked and then didn't like so much after checking the price tag (and yes I know it was Old-freaking-Navy and their prices are reasonable but remember: I'm cheap). But then I saw a mannequin with an outfit on that I thought was cute. And so I copied the entire outfit from the mannequin, to ensure that I'm at least a little bit in style because I'm pretty sure they wouldn't put their mannequins in something ridiculous. Right?

I ended up choosing a long, button-up navy cardigan and a kind of taupe-colored sequined tank to go underneath. And the mannequin had on skinny jeans, but I tried them on, and ... ew. Like, ew. Skinny jeans don't work so well when you're not, you know, skinny. Thanks to the super-widening effects of four children on my hips (and, okay, a few baked goods here and there), I think my skinny-jean-wearing days are over.

And then there were these shoes:

They look pretty bright in this pic but they're actually a little darker navy. Anyway, they are NOT the kind of shoes I'd ever choose by themselves - but they looked so cute with the outfit on the mannequin. And I had the coupon. So I snatched them up too.

So now I actually have an outfit that is on-trend. Although since I don't have skinny jeans, I just use a pair of my own that are snug-fitting and roll the bottoms up a little (which probably totally negates the trendiness of the outfit and I'm just walking around looking like a huge effing goober).

I can't justify buying these shoes just to wear with one outfit though - so I need your assistance here.What kind of stuff looks good with these loafers? They are treading dangerously into Hugh Hefner territory so I need to make sure I'm wearing them with the right pieces. I'm thinking ... something like this? Am I way off?

Fashionable ladies (and gentlemen) - help a sista out!


  1. I can't believe nobody commented yet! But I'm just going to say I think the shoes would be perfect with that kind of outfit!! Cute shoes, and amazing blogs!! I'm expecting a boy in a few months so I'm mentally preparing myself... yikes! Thank you!!!


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