Slacky Christmas and an Anticlimactic New Year

My favorite part about the holiday season is the spirit of giving.

... Okay, it's the family togetherness.

... Okay, it's the decorations.

... Okay, okay, I admit it! It's the yummy treats! The cookies! The dips! The candy! The trays of delectable goodies that my awesome neighbors bring over (from three different houses this year)! Remember my holiday diet? And the competition that my brother and my husband and I were having to see who could lose the most weight? Well - I won (duh!), losing ten pounds between Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas.

But the other day I weighed.



And that made me depressed so naturally I remedied it with some ice cream. And some pizza. And some spray whipped cream straight from the can. And my couch and my pajamas.


Anyway, despite the disheartening numbers on the scale (which I will start working on come January, like 99% of everyone else), I had a great Christmas. My brother was here, and I haven't gotten to celebrate Christmas with him in a few years, so that was awesome. Almost as awesome as his face in this picture.

Mr. "Nobody-Wants-a-Mug" didn't seem overly thrilled about receiving a sweet pair of men's Pajama Jeans, either.

As always, it was fun to see the kids so excited. We don't buy our kids a lot of stuff, so they're always super-thrilled about every little thing they get on Christmas.

Thrift store copy of Captain Underpants: 99 cents. The way Cameron is eyeing it: priceless.

My holiday took a turn for the better - or for the worse, depending on how you look at it - when Colin got Sim City 4 for his computer.

He was so stoked. Clearly. But when he started playing, it was a little too involved and complex for him and he got kind of bored. You have to, like, provide your city with transportation and electricity and water and manage your government and problem-solve and I think he just wanted to build stuff. So I thought, what the heck? I'll give it a try. And I installed it on my laptop.

Y'all? I pretty much spent like three days straight in a Sim City 4-induced blur. Things crumbled around me as I played. My kids ate Doritos for breakfast. My clean laundry mildewed in the washer. Nobody wore pants. And things like this happened:

Yes. That is a mattress propped up against my couch. And yes. That blurry streak is Cameron somersaulting down it. This, of course, was taken right before they got the brilliant idea to slide down said mattress in an empty laundry basket.

Yes. I let good and responsible parenting/housekeeping/personal hygiene slide because I was gaming. So sue me. The kids had a good time. But you know it's bad when your husband - who normally seems impervious to clutter and housework in general - starts casting pointed glances at you as he loads the dishwasher and wipes down the counters.*

*On second thought, perhaps I should completely zone out more often.

Anyway, now it's the last day of the year, which kind of floors me because I like just got used to writing "2013." Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999, which was the year I was nineteen. Which means I'm going to put on a cute outfit with a push-up bra and drink a lot and dance a lot and experiment with various drugs and stay out until I see the sun.

Hahahaha! I can barely type that with a straight face. Everybody knows I'm going to party like I'm thirty-three. Which means I'm going to eat a bunch of snacks "since my diet starts tomorrow" and fall asleep on the couch trying to stay up until midnight to watch the televised coverage of the ball dropping in Times Square.

Bringing it in with a bang, y'all.


  1. I'm still impressed that you lost 10 lbs. in a month, even if you did gain it back. Just goes to show that you can do it whenever you put your mind to it! And yes, it was great having Steve here, even if he was a little doubtful about some of his Christmas presents. I think he learned to love them all!

  2. Happy New Year! I too, will be partying like I'm 33: folding laundry and watching Upstairs Down Stairs on Hulu... There may or may not be a bowl of icecream involved ^_^


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