Color Me ... Something!

The American Heritage Dictionary defines "frumpy" as the following:
1. A girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, or unfashionable
2. A person regarded as colorless and primly sedate

Dull? Colorless? If that's the case, I'm no longer fighting the frump - I'm miserably immersed in it. I can illustrate this point with a photo I took yesterday of my personal stack of laundry.

So why is this pile of clothes so unusual, you ask? It's just a stack from the "dark load," right?


Even though my mama taught me better (sorry, Mom), I don't separate my laundry by color - or even by lights and darks. No, this depressingly drab pile is just ... my clothes. It's just what was dirty and I washed and folded and bam, there it was, looking like it had been raided from Johnny Cash's closet. I knew I had a lot of black stuff, but damn - I didn't realize I look like Morticia Addams in mourning.

In my defense, a lot of it is because my glasses look like this:

LOL - yes, that's me eating a pickle (and surprise surprise, wearing black!) - it was just the first one I came across in my most recent folder of pictures. Anyway ... my glasses. They're black. And black goes with black. Right?

Man, I didn't make much of a case for myself after all.


  1. nice pic of you & mr

  2. Don't worry. My sis, a 20-something, chic, fashionista only wears black. She is always making fun of herself for looking like she never changes her outfit, but I never think a thing of it--she always looks so great. I'm sure it's the same for you! By the way, her glasses are black, too. And, when I picked out my frames, I went with brown because I thought it went with more of my clothes. Now, I wish I had gotten black!

  3. That cracks me up Jenn! I guess I could just try to convince people I'm just super-chic and the "artsy" type ... nah, it would never work. :)

  4. your not going to fool me! You seriously need to go shopping and if you buy anything else black, I will have to smack you through the computer. :)

  5. Will do - as if I needed an excuse to shop! :)

  6. Yep, ya need a little color! I'm sure I taught you about that. Remember my "Color Me Beautiful" book? LOL

  7. looks jsut like my laundry, except i have bits of gray and navy in there too. and i don't eparate colors either - i think that's just a trick moms play on their kids to make them do more work


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