With the realization of having a third child on the way came the realization that our Jeep won't accomodate the necessary car seats. Colin, of course, is out of a "car seat" - but he has a booster seat which, per state law, he has to ride in for the next two years or so. Which means Cameron and Baby 3 still have a loooong time to be confined to some sort of safety-sitting-apparatus. For the next five years - and that's if Baby 3 is the last little Templeton to slide from my va-jay-jay - we'll need a roomy vehicle. Which brings us to the subject I never wanted to broach, the two words that no coolness-retaining parent ever wants to say:


(Or is that technically supposed to be one word? Oh well. Whatever.)

The point is, I swore I'd never drive one. Even if my family grew to be Duggar-sized (that's eighteen kids, for those of you unfamiliar with Michelle Duggar's Ridiculously Prolific Uterus) I would attempt to find something to drive that didn't make me look like, well, a professional mom.

Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with devoting your life to your kids. But for me, that has included almost completely sacrificing my trendy look, my "me" time, my spontaneity, and on occasion, my personal hygeine. Must I sacrifice my vehicle as well? When I'm driving the Jeep - unless someone peers really closely through the tinted back windows and sees the car seats, toys, and stale French fries littering the floor - I'm still just a chick in a Jeep. No labels, no judgments. It doesn't scream "MOM," and that's fine by me.

Now, however, we're in a different category. Practicality dictates the need for something larger, more family-oriented. Something with lots of seats (easily washable, in case of vomit, spilled drinks, or the like) ... cool, kid-friendly features like backseat DVD players and cupholders. Room for kids and groceries! Namely, a damn minivan.

So far, we haven't tiptoed into that territory. ... Yet. We're mostly looking at SUVs with third-row seating. But though neither of us will admit it, both Curtis and I have sneaked glances across car lots at the shiny new minivans and secretly wonder if we're headed in that direction. And wonder if, should we happen to bite the proverbial bullet and buy a Grand Caravan or a Town & Country, would our last shreds of coolness be slipping out their child-locked windows?


  1. check out the chevy Traverse. It's like a mini-van/SUV. My friends just bought one. I have a Honda Odyssey. I love it. Billy doesn't even mind driving it!


  2. Yes - the Traverse is what we've been looking at! So far I think it's actually the front-runner.

  3. SUVs are a viable option.
    There are a lot of neat options out there - the Traverse included. The Odyssey is an upper-end mini-van. One I wouldn't mind driving.

    Have you checked out the Nissan Murano? I've always thought those looked cool.

  4. Yep Jenna, I love the Murano - but I don't think it's much bigger than our Jeep. I've heard a lot of good things about the Odyssey ... and it isn't out of the realm of possibility ... but I want to buy American if we can.

  5. Wouldn't it help a little if they could at least give minivans cooler names than "Town and Country"? Mike and I also both swear that we will never buy/drive a minivan. After watching his brother, best friend, and now possibly you and Curtis go under though...we're getting nervous! Both his brother and best friend fell for their wives' lines..."It's so much easier to get the kids in and out of than an SUV." We have vowed never to let those words come out of our mouths.

  6. Oh Jenn ... unfortunately, it's so true ... my mother-in-law has a minivan and it really is sooo much more kid-friendly. But I haven't folded yet! I'm holding out! :)

  7. 10. Acura MDX: $40,195
    9. Audi Q7: $42,500
    8. Buick Enclave: $32,790
    7. Chrysler Pacifica: $25,190
    6. GMC Yukon Denali XL: $49,420
    5. Land Rover LR3: $49,300
    4. Lexus LX 570: $67,395
    3. Lincoln Navigator: $47,755
    2. Mercedes-Benz R-Class: $42,675
    1. Volvo XC90: $36,210

    Mercedes ML270
    Isuzu Trooper

    You've probably seen this, don't know if any of them would be good options or not =0) I'm sur eyou're goign to find something, and either way, people would still see you as a hottie in a mini van ;)

  8. I've got just the thing for you

    and I quote: "It's the era of sexy moms and alternadads, and now the automakers want to do their part to make sure parents don't feel frumpy." So, check it out.....

  9. If I had need of a mini-van (and I'm still holding out hope that I can be a full fledged MV Mom someday), I'd go for the Odessey. IMO its the hottest looking Mini out there, still has all the cool techno gadgets and holds way more ppl than my RX. If only it came in my sexy brandywine, and it wouldn't constantly remind me of my reproductive failures I'd be all over it now. I think you'd bring your sexy to that ride Rita, no doubt!

  10. Jenny, Jackie, Carrie ... you guys are freekin' awesome! :) Thanks for all the helpful info!

    And Carrie, you'll be a MV Mom yet - "reproductive failures" be damned!!

  11. I love your blogs girl! OMG, They are so true!Keep writing and I will enjoy reading!

    By the way, our freinds got a Chrysler Pacifica and love it- check it out!

  12. Hey Becca! Good to "see" you! :) I love the Pacifica ... Curtis says they're too small.

  13. LOL! I can't wait to see that mini-van pull up in my driveway!

  14. LOL...girl if only I had your gift for words! A mini-van? Come on...For real? You've really got to do some more serious thinking about this!! LOL How about a Pacifica or Acadia...they are a cross between an suv & van. I've had my eye on an Aspen for some time kids are grown though so I really don't have the need just the sheer WANT!

  15. LOL Cindy - I know, I know. I don't think I'll ever be able to bring myself to actually do it. I believe we might have looked at an Aspen at a (closed) car dealership a couple weekends ago - I'd have to look up a picture of it to be sure, but I'm thinking I really liked it.

  16. that's why we played NO games when we got rid of the Magnum and got the burb! at the time we could afford it (and still can of course) but i REFUSED to get a mini van! i hate them and totally did not want to be one of the 20 moms in line with the silver van pickin up the kids! our biggest reason for the burb was when the third row is up i still have a trunk. most cars loose the trunk space the second the third row gets put up! the ONLY mini van that i have seen that i think is unbelieveable is the new one from dodge. there is someone on base that got it through aafes and it is crazy loaded with window visor/sunshades inset in the windows and 2 dvd players one for the front and one for the back that can run 2 different movies and electric 3rd row that goes down...good god i was impressed and you know that i am on your NO MINIVAN boat! then again the minivan is easier to drive than the 'kid hauler' that i have. good luck my dear. just don't forget that you chould not have to sacrifice the trunk space for a third row!! remember you still need that stroller!

  17. Exactly, Beth! That is my one and only qualm about the "cooler" vehicles with 3rd-row seating - there is just nooooo trunk space! The only thing that KIND OF makes up for it is that in the back row of seats (in most models), one of the seats can be folded down to make a little teeny bit of storage space.

    Is the new Dodge thing really, really boxy and ugly? There's something out - and I can't remember now what it is - that Curtis says is awesome, but I think it's hideous.

  18. I'm standing FIRM with Cindy - NO Mini-van.....I'll be the "cool" friend for sure if you go that route! LMAO just kiddin' hey at least if we all ever made it up there to see you we could all pile in 1 vehicle instead of always taking 2.

  19. yah, definitely don't do it!! I am standing strong on the NO MINI VANS also. There are so many other options. gotta tell you real quick though because I know you will find it frustrating in the future. it is nearly impossible to type anything with meaning holding a newborn using one hand!!!!!!!! (I had to put her down)


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