Like to "Like" You, Baby

Facebook: love it or hate it, it revolutionized social networking. And, much like the ability to "Poke" someone, the addition of the "Like" button made it even easier to connect with people without having to actually talk to them. Awesome.

But I have a bit of a problem with the "Like" option: it's generic. The word like is multifaceted, y'all. It can mean so many different things. Like is not a black and white issue ... there's a lot of gray area, and a lot of different types of "Like." For example ...

The "I Agree" Like: This one is tricky because it carries a high risk of misinterpretation. For example: someone posts a status of, "Bathing suit shopping makes me miserable." You hate bathing suit shopping too. You could click "Like," as in, "Yes, I totally agree, I hate it myself!" ... but it could be misconstrued as, "I'm glad you're miserable, you fat cow." If someone's feeling particularly sensitive and misunderstands your "Like," you may find your Friends List coming up short.

The "I Can't Think of a Reply" Like: When you want someone to know you're reading, but your capacity for a witty/insightful/appropriate response has temporarily flown the coop.

The "Like Isn't Even Enough"  Like: When you totally superlike something - like times infinity - but you're forced to just click the regular lame thumbs-up like because superlike isn't an option, damn it.

The "I'm Paying Attention, But I'm Sure As Hell Not Reposting This" Like: We've all got friends on our lists who post things such as, "Everyone on my friends list is there for a reason, but 92% of you won't pay attention. If you're my friend, copy and paste this as your status" or some such gobbledygook. You don't want to blatantly ignore it, in case the person in question is actually (and, um, pathetically) basing his or her worth on how many friends repost. But you don't want to repost it yourself, so you "Like" it instead.

There are more types of "Like," but these are the only ones I could come up with off the top of my head. (If you've got any, feel free to share in the comments.) So you see? Facebook totally needs to get with the program and develop a drop-down "Like" menu with a few different options. Perhaps "Agree," "Sympathize," and "Superlike" for starters? ARE YOU LISTENING, FACEBOOK?
Anyway, if you like me - in whatever way that you like me - then you can "Like" me right here. :)


  1. I "Like" this blog! I've often thought we need a "sympathize" option on Facebook, for the same reason you mentioned here. Actually, I think those little "emoticons" we use when we IM express more options that describe how we really feel.

  2. LIKE!

    (And Facebook should also have a "dislike" button)

  3. You are definitely right and I like you :)

  4. I need an "I like the way you think" like button. You know, to use when someone has a very witty status update, and you just want to let them know that you like their creativity.

  5. Definitely need a dislike button!
    Not for this post...just for things like farms and slots...

  6. It's tough especially when you like a portion of the status like "My kids swallowed pennies but they're okay now..." I could see how liking that could end a friendship.

  7. P.S. I "like" this blog to "infinity."

    Okay maybe not infinity, but it's definitely one of my favorites!

  8. I especially love your suggesting for a sympathize option - what am I supposed to put when someone posts a really touching memorial quote about their dead pet (or worse, husband, as I have a friend who was suddenly widowed last year at 28)? "Like" doesn't really specify "I like this beautiful tribute" and I worry they'll think I'm saying "I like that your dog died."

  9. "Facebook totally needs to get with the program and develop a drop-down 'Like' menu with a few different options. Perhaps 'Agree,' 'Sympathize,' and 'Superlike' for starters?"

    This is GENIUS.

  10. After a day like I have, I want a button that says "I thought I liked you, I thought you like me, I thought we were friends, I thought wrong."

    Sorry, got me at a bad moment, maybe I don't need to be reading blogs in this frame of mind, or at least not commenting!

    And NONE of this applies to you!


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