Sometimes Frumpy is, You Know, Practical

Colin started Kindergarten on August 6th - and for the first few weeks, each school morning saw me fully dressed, in something decent, hair done and makeup on.

Isn't it funny how quickly things change?

I just dropped Colin off at school in my pajamas, y'all. And flip-flops. And a (jacked-up) ponytail. And no makeup.

Okay, in my defense, it's not like my pajamas are actual PJs. It's more like a strategically assembled multi-purpose outfit. And unfortunately for my fight against the frump (Frump: 1, Rita: 0) I own several outfits of this type. Today, it's a gray Adidas t-shirt and black workout pants. Okay, so the workout pants are a holdover from my extra-fat days (I wore them 80+ pounds ago, if that tells you anything), and the legs are the size of tree trunks, and I have to wear them with the waistband rolled up like five times so they stay up. At least the t-shirt fits.*

*Even if this morning it did have a smear of oatmeal crusted across the front that I didn't notice until I was en route to the elementary.

Anyway, outfits such as these are both a blessing and curse to a busy mother who works from home. They are comfortable enough to sleep in, and all I've got to do is put on a bra before leaving the house in the morning. (Otherwise, you know, my boobs hurt from knocking against my knees all day.) They're a step up from cartoon-printed PJs, so though I may not classify as dressed when I wear them in public, at least I don't appear comically, don't-give-a-crap lazy, like people who wander through Wal-Mart in slippers and curlers and stuff.

Plus, when I'm wearing them at home and someone comes to the door, I can just clip my iPod and headphones to them and pretend I've been working out. See? GENIUS.

I'm a little worried, though. We have two vehicles: one reliable, one not-so-much. Curtis has a 25-minute drive to work, and I have a 3-minute drive to school. So guess who gets the reliable vehicle, the one that will most certainly hold out for 50 minutes a day? Yeah. Which means I'm tootling to the elementary at 30 miles per hour or less - anything over 30 and our Jeep makes this ominous knocking sound and completely loses oil pressure.

So imagine if the thing completely kicks the bucket while I'm dropping Colin off at school. That would mean I'd have to interact extensively with the public - well-wishers offering rides, tow truck people, who knows - wearing one of my "no-I-didn't-sleep-in-this-I'm-not-that-lazy-they're-just-my-workout-clothes-gosh" outfits. (Not to mention being stranded with three small hoodlums children to manage!) Ugh ... the horror.

But for the convenience of a few extra minutes in the morning to feed, clean up, dress the kids, and get everybody in the car and buckled by 7:45? It's a risk I'm willing to take.  

PS - Thanks for the Halloween picture orders, you guys! It's not too late to get your own spooky photo ... :)


  1. I seriously considered wearing my robe to drop my son off at kindergarten today. I didn't. But, I wore the tee that I had slept in and a pair of dirty sweats. No bra.

    Thank God for not having to get out of the van.

  2. Too funny! I love it!

    Now I'm remembering "why" I went to class in "PJ's" in was practical!

  3. I also got the junkie car (our ony car at the time) for taking the boys to school . I was late and never had a problem before so I put on underwear and my robe over nightgown and went to the school. Guess what that piece of junk DIED on me. Had to go into the school (looking like the wrath of God) and call your Mom.She sends Harold who at the time had the sheriffs car. Sirens blasting he gave me a ride home. Never did that again. (Hiding my face)

  4. LOL, while I was reading your blog I was just thinking about your Aunt Judy and her "siren-blaring" experience! She still fusses at me for sending Harold to pick her up, but I wasn't dressed, either. I guess we should both have been more prepared that morning!

    P.S. I really DIDN'T know he was going to use the siren! LOL

  5. By the way.....loving my scary Halloween profile pic!

  6. I have not once put forth an effort to look good while dropping Hayden off. Yeah, it is awesome. ;)

  7. Girl! Are you kidding?! I plan the night before what "pajama's" I'm gonna wear to drop the child off at school. Dark colored shirts? No bra. White shirts? Jacket!!

    Came your way via Travis. So happy to find you! :)

  8. Sounds so familiar!!! I love pajama pants in solid colors- and comfy tees. Just grab a jacket to hide the bra-less look and you're all set to go!
    I always worry about the car breaking down, too. And I don't even have a car full of kids anymore! I feel for ya...

  9. YOU are MY hero - I LOVE this "clip my iPod and headphones to them and pretend I've been working out." and it IS GENIUS. You see why I follow you? You give excellent advice!

  10. I already leave the house looking like that (sans oatmeal crust). Guess I'm doomed once the baby comes. I'll just call it practice;)


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