Sakes Alive, Cameron's FIVE!

Five years ago today, Cameron came into our lives, looking like a hairy little bodybuilder. Since then, it has been my privilege to watch him grow into the exceptional - albeit slightly weird - dude that he has become. Also to hear some of the gems that come out of his mouth, such as the time he started heading outside and then nonchalantly - and as naturally as can be - said, "Oh shit, I forgot my shoes."*

*He may or may not have picked up that word from yours truly.   

A few more recent Cameron-isms:

"Mom, I did something very clever! I snotted my way out of Colin's trap!"

Coby: "... And then we can shoot the bad guy!"
Cameron: "COBY! That's not what the game is about. It's about love and compassion!" *whomps Coby upside the head*

Cameron: "Mom, do we have the money for a new video game?"
Me: "No."
Cameron: "Well ... can't you just get a paycheck or something?"

Words can't convey the energy, hilarity, and - yes - oddity that this dude brings to my life. He's an anomaly, this one. Stares slack-jawed at the TV in a manner that makes you question his mental capacity, then shows up one day at the age of three and, out of the blue, reads me a chapter book (true story!). Eats paper like there's not a brain in his head, but his preschool teacher gushes about how he's far above average in every area.

He's just ... Cameron.

So here's a special birthday slideshow for my special five-year-old. Hopefully it'll give you a sense of his Cameron-ness.

If nothing else, it'll at least make you glad he lives at my house.



  1. Happy birthday Cameron! (the video/slide show says it's private)

  2. Jessica Armstrong LasaJanuary 17, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    I love it!! He might kill you some day for some of those photos!! My personal faves were the toilet paper in the butt, then he was in a bag of toilet paper and the look on his face when that pig was next to him!!!! He is growing up!!!! :)

  3. OMG - the drape of toilet paper stuck to the butt is priceless! I had a similar faux paus at a wedding a few years back after one too many whiskey sours.

  4. Happy birthday to your strange dude!!!! The strange ones are the best.

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  6. Awww.....I love, love, LOVE that boy! (And the slide show, too!) He's one-of-a-kind, for sure! Give him a birthday hug from Mimi.

  7. Happy Birthday Cameron! Love the pictures!

  8. Happy birthday!! And his quotes are hysterical. Have me and Ryan a chuckle.

  9. The 17th was my middle child's birthday! She turned TEN...I can't believe it. Nor can I believe my BABY will be 5 in a few months. Great slide show, save it and play it at his wedding :-)

  10. What a sweet slideshow! Just when I thought he looks just like you a pic would pop up and he was all Curtis!
    I never read your blog that you don't make me laugh! I'm still waiting on your Motherhood Tales book btw!

  11. This was beautiful, I loved, loved, loved it! there is something so special about your boys and I am so glad you can capture it and share with others!


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