Bright-Side Babbling

If I were a phone, my low battery light would be flashing. Because y'all? I am one worn-out mama.

Where do I even begin? First of all, we said goodbye to Thurman yesterday. He's no longer in pain. I can't say the same for myself, however, because I loved the hell out of that cat ... grumpiness, weak stomach and all.

Thurman getting pissed at Meeko. Which is pretty much what he did best.

As soon as I got out of bed this morning, I thought I saw Thurman on my way to the bathroom. And so it begins.

I just can't wait for it to end.

Then there's the issue of the illness. So far, by some divine miracle, no one else has gotten it - but Coby, poor little thing, is still sick. His fever is gone, and he didn't throw up at all yesterday, until Curtis wisely fed him some ham steak while I was at Zumba. Then he barfed on the kitchen floor. And in the middle of the night last night, he went into the bathroom to pee and ended up splattering the floor with diarrhea. Again. And he has thrown up twice since then: only once in the toilet. Oh, the vomiting habits of the three-year-old.


Did I mention it's spring break for my kids? That means they're all home, all day, ALL THE TIME. I can't pretend I don't love the break from shuttling everybody back and forth to and from school, but my days consist of any combination of the following:

Me saying, "No, you can't have Doritos."

Me saying, "That's enough popsicles."

Me saying, "That's enough Wii/computer/tablet."

Me saying, "Leave your brother alone!"

Me threatening.

Kids whining.

Kids bickering.

Kids asking to go places I don't want to take kids. Constantly.

Kids raiding the kitchen cabinets incessantly.

Kids dragging out every toy in their toybox and then complaining when it's time to put them back.

Kids making forts and tents with every available blanket in the house.

That's in addition to the normal duties. The baby, the laundry, the dishes, the pets, the sick child. And then? I have a work deadline looming. It's hard to write with all this going on.


Dirty dishes mean that I have food. Laundry means we're all clothed (well. You know. Some of us) and that I have the means to wash it at home. A work deadline means that I'm employed. Curtis being gone all the time means that he's employed. And there may be sickness in this house, but at least it's a silly virus that my kids will get over and it's not, like, chemotherapy making them throw up.

So I'm looking on the bright side.

Plus: there's Mexico. Did I mention I'm going to Mexico? One of my very best besties, Denni, invited me to go with her to Puerto Vallarta, and we leave in less than two weeks. And I need a vacation in the very worst way. It was kind of a short-notice trip and therefore my hips and thighs aren't exactly in swimsuit condition, but hey - that's what maxi dresses are for.

See? Bright side.

Okay, gotta go. The kids just ran in here excitedly telling me they made a "science putty" consisting of vinegar, bread, ice cubes, and red food coloring.

Brightsidebrightsidebrightside .........

PS - If you've got computer-loving kids like mine, look for a JumpStart review and giveaway later today!! Woohoooo!!


  1. "If I were a phone, my low battery light would be flashing. Because y'all? I am one worn-out mama."

    Quite the fitting quote for most moms, I think. I'm sure the mantra "This too shall pass." is running through your head consistantly... Wishing Spring "Break" will go a little easier for you. And while in Mexico, enjoy those Margaritas!!!

  2. Poor little Coby! I sure hope he gets to feeling better soon.....and that nobody else catches it.

    I know how much you'll miss Thurman, but he was feeling so awful and you guys are such loving pet owners. It's strange how you can almost feel their presence, even long after they're gone. I still occasionally glance over in the corner where Maggie's bed used to be and think I catch a glimpse of her there.

    I'm so glad you're able to go to Puerto Vallarta with Denni and that Curtis is willing to take time off to keep the boys! Just wish I had time off to come help.

    Keep counting those blessings and hang on. Spring break will be over soon!

  3. Poor Coby! And sorry to hear about your cat! :(


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