Monday, Mundane

Do you ever just stare at the pile of stuff you need to take care of and wish really super hard that by some miracle it would all just take care of itself?

Yeah. Me too. Which is why right at this very moment - instead of doing what I really should be doing - I'm peering over the screen of my laptop at:

- a bunch of groceries I bought last night that didn't need to be refrigerated so I just left them out because I wanted to watch TV instead but now I'm all, "Ugh, putting away groceries" (frowny face)

- a camera with like eight hundred pictures on it that need to be uploaded to the computer and dealt with

- a huge box of diapers that I need to stack in the baby's closet but first I have to log onto the website and enter my points codes because y'all know I'm a sucker for rewards points of any kind

- two trick-or-treat buckets that need to be stashed somewhere before the kids destroy them because then they won't have anywhere to put their Halloween candy

........mmm, Halloweeeeeeeen candyyyyyyyyy ........

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yes. All this crap.

- a stack of math papers that I totally forgot Colin was supposed to do over the weekend (mother of the year!)

- a McDonald's cup that I need to throw away only I can't throw it away until I take the trash out because the can is too full

- a bowl that I need to put in the dishwasher that used to contain chocolate because I melted a bunch of chocolate chips and dipped some raspberries in it and that's what I had for breakfast. Because I could, because I'm a grown-ass adult. And besides, fruit is totally healthy.

- a patient satisfaction survey from the boys' pediatrician's office which I totally have the intention of filling out but in reality will probably just leave there until something gets dribbled on it and I have to throw it away

- a rolled-up newspaper that I found on our front steps the other morning which kinda baffled me since we don't even subscribe to the newspaper

- a Marie Claire magazine that I subscribe to but almost never read anymore ... Marie Claire used to be my favorite magazine because it focused on like ISSUES and LIFESTYLES and was different than most women's mags but it seems like now it focuses on freaking fashion and skinniness and beauty and superficiality like every other women's publication out there and I am disappointed in you, Marie Claire

- a pile of junk mail that probably should be thrown away but I stuck it there with the intention of going through it first because there just MIGHT be a decent coupon in there somewhere

- a rainbow-colored paper spider with legs numbered one through eight that I need to add to the plethora of bright, scribbly, dripping-with-dried-glue school creations adhered with magnets to the front of my fridge

That's only the stuff that's sitting within a two-foot radius of me. It doesn't count the umpteen loads of clean laundry ready to be put away. Or the turds just chillin' in the litter box. Or the breakfast dishes still sitting on the table like three hours after they were first put there. Or the list of similar things that goes on. And on. And on.

I know a nap won't make these things magically disappear, but I'm thinking it's a good place to start.


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