The Case of the Paper Peen

I was concerned about my kids' Valentine boxes from the start. Mainly because I procrastinated so long on making them that by that time, everyone else had posted pictures of their kids' Valentine boxes online. And y'all? My Facebook feed looked like Pinterestville, population "everyone but Rita." I felt bad, but damn. I mean ... with three kids in school, I sat through the excruciatingly slow labeling of like sixty Valentines this year. And now I had to help them make these fancy boxes too? Sheesh.

I ambitiously bought all kinds of craft supplies (like I was going to actually do something with them). And I covered shoe boxes with colored paper and then handed them over to my kids. I told myself I was fostering their independence and creativity by letting them do it themselves, but really it was because I had no energy left to get all Pinterest-y three times in a row.

I didn't take pictures, but yeah. They turned out just about like you'd imagine.

When they were done making their Valentine boxes, the kids wanted to use the leftover craft supplies - which included several sheets of foam paper. I told them to have at it, and went on about my business.

It wasn't until later that I found this:

What the ...? Okay, let's turn it the other way and see if it looks any less ... well, phallic.

Nope, still totally penis-esque.

Well, if Miley Cyrus can have a foam finger ...

Since there is (almost) always an explanation for this type of thing (remember this gem?) so I decided to investigate.

"Uh, Colin?" I asked. "What exactly is this?"

He cracked up. "It looks like a penis!" he shrieked.

"Yes." I tried not to laugh because hellooo, perfect opportunity to be a model of maturity.

... Okay, so I chuckled. A little.

... Okayyy, so it might have been more like a chortle.


"It's not a penis, Mommy," Colin said in between fits of giggles. He explained that the sheets of foam reminded him of the foam bathtub letters he'd had a long time ago, and he wanted to make some for his little brothers. Only he's not so great at bubble letters, so this was the result. And this particular letter? Was a "Y." It all made sense when he turned it the right way and paired it with a "B" that he happened to have.

It just goes to show that things can look very different when put into the right context.

So next time I find a penis laying on my kitchen counter, I'm going to ask ... "Y?"

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  1. LOL, I'm never surprised by what I hear or see at your house.......and often it IS about a penis! With all those males running around, the conversation frequently turns to such things. But I've never encountered one lying on the kitchen counter - until now!


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