Hat Tricks

Once upon a time, I bought a hat that I never wore.

It was a big, floppy sun hat. The cheap kind that you can fold up and toss into a suitcase. I bought it to take to Cancun with me, but decided I looked like a dork and ended up getting the top of my head burnt to a crisp instead. (Seriously, I didn't even think about my scalp sunburning where my hair parted, but OUCH.)

Anyway, I hadn't thought much about that hat until last night when I started looking through old pictures. That's when I noticed something.

I may not have ever used the hat, but my kids sure did. Apparently it was the perfect accessory for lounging around the house, eating dinner, tooth-brushing, squirrel-watching, nose-picking, pretending your dad is a horse, and a whole host of other activities. (Most of which I couldn't post on the Internet because - while my boys may be nicely accessorized - they're usually missing the most important component of an outfit: namely, the outfit itself.)

I'm convinced that if you give a kid a hat, and maybe a cape and a big pair of boots ... you're giving him the world.

And even though I never wore it myself, I'm pretty sure got my $7.99 worth.


  1. Awesome hat!

    I'm amused by the photos.

  2. Love these pictures! Great memories!

  3. Too cute! Sometimes the best toys are not toys at all!


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