Monday Moanin'

So ... today is Monday. I'd know that even without a calendar.

I know it's Monday because while I was in the shower, my toddler got out of bed and decided it'd be a fabulous time to get into my economy-sized tub of coconut oil.

I know it's Monday because my cable is out for reasons unknown, and so our breakfast "background noise" was missing. Which meant my kids talked more. Which meant they bickered more. Because heaven forbid they talk for ten minutes without arguing. And bickering always turns into pushing and shoving, and when they're pushing and shoving they aren't eating and getting dressed, and when they're not eating and getting dressed, we run late.

I know it's Monday because my hair, much like my kids, refused to cooperate.

I know it's Monday because when I took my dogs outside, I stepped in poop. And saw a spider the size of Africa. And on my way back into the house, my flip-flop broke.

I know it's Monday because as I was typing this blog post, a fly literally smacked into the side of my face and I freaked out hard enough to fall out of my chair. OMG. I know a spider who needs a snack.

I know it's Monday because, like ... wasn't it just Friday?

My weekend was nice, though. My brother visited from Missouri, which is always a good time now that he doesn't give me wedgies or fart in my face any more (not that he doesn't try, but I'm faster now that we're adults). He does those things to my kids, which is amusing. Especially since I'm no longer the target. Plus, I realized yesterday that there is only ONE MORE SUNDAY standing between me and The Walking Dead!!! Is anybody else totally stoked? I can barely contain my excitement. Show 'em, Kermit.

Even though it's Monday now, and so far it's been full of those Monday-ish annoyances, the week ahead isn't looking so bad. I've got a couple of new giveaways in the works (and don't forget, you can still leave a comment here for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!). The weather is supposed to be decent, so I can send my kids to school in just a t-shirt and jeans without having to go through the "do they need jackets or don't they" dilemma every morning. And every week is a new chance for something amazing to happen.

... Or, you know, something like getting hit in the face with a fly and falling out of your chair.

Be nice to me, Monday!


  1. I love when my brother visits. He only has a baby girl, so he adores rough housing with my boys.

    I'm definitely feeling that it's Monday, though!

  2. Girl you always brighten up my day.

  3. I knew it was Monday, because as I was literally curling my hand around my travel mug to carry it to the coffee pot, the power went out. For two hours.


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