I'm typically pretty quiet about my beliefs. That is, until something truly and deeply pisses me off.

And today, it's Caitlyn Jenner.

No: it's not Caitlyn Jenner herself (who, for anyone who doesn't know, is the woman - and YES, that's what she is now - formerly known as Bruce). More accurately, it's the hate-spewing assholes who are bashing her. And more specifically, it's those who are saying there's nothing heroic about what she is doing.

I can't imagine what it's like to live your entire life feeling like you're not being true to yourself. I'm so fortunate to not be in that position - but for those who are, I'm sure it's a nightmare. Inside, they feel one way, while outside, the world expects them to be completely different. To go against what feels natural to them, simply to appease someone else's idea of what they "should" be. Transgendered people are fighting this sort of internal turmoil, every day. It's a struggle that costs lives - like Leelah Alcorn's. Like many others who have felt strongly enough about this to die because of it. How dare anyone say this is not "real" or "legitimate" and that these people are just sick?

Here's the thing that pisses me off the most. I have seen no shortage of Facebook posts today about how "we shouldn't call Caitlyn Jenner a hero because what she's doing pales in comparison to ... (insert war hero/conservative activist/Duggar here)." I'm throwing down the bullshit card so hard it's bouncing off the table. WHY do people think it's necessary to have to different levels of heroism? I agree: comparing Caitlyn Jenner to a war veteran is indeed ridiculous. But only because that's like comparing apples and oranges.

I'll tell you what, anyone who is using that weak-ass rant: the next time you see on Facebook that someone has died of cancer - and there are comments like, "She fought so bravely" - I DARE you to use this same line of reasoning and say, "Oh, you think that's brave? Well (insert war hero/conservative activist/Duggar here) ... now that person embodies true bravery." I guarantee, someone will quickly rip you the new one that you so rightly deserve.

Heroism and bravery are so, so subjective. From the small acts that we consider personal triumphs to the selfless sacrifices of those who give their all for social change - any one of those things can be defined as such. Caitlyn Jenner may not be charging into war and obliterating the enemy for the sake of a free America. But do you know what she is doing? She is very publicly acknowledging what is a very private - and unfortunately, very shameful - battle for lots of people. And for those people, she is a hero - because her bravery may well be the difference between their happiness and their sad, untimely, unnecessary demise.

Carry on, Caitlyn. Carry. On.


  1. ...her bravery may well be the difference between their happiness and their sad, untimely, unnecessary demise.

    I do hope so. We've lost far too many people already to sheer, unmitigated cruelty.

  2. nicely said. I have heard some horrible things from supposed "Christians" that has made me want to slap them! Christian-like my ass!

    1. I get just as tired of hearing Christians mocked and bashed as I do any other (insert label here). To me, it's ALL wrong. How can you defend one group, and say it's because you're 'tolerant' and then bash an entire religion - which makes you 'intolerant' and just as big of a hypocrite as you're accusing them of being.
      I have a very strong faith in God. Grew up Baptist. My faith will never, ever waver on that. I also fully support the LGBT community - because they're human just like me and did not ASK to be the way they are, and I have many people I love very much who are labeled LGBT. It's not a choice, in my belief or opinion. People are allowed to disagree. It's the way of the world. What's sad is when people feel the need to bash or put down one entire race, religion, creed, belief, lifestyle, etc in order to defend another. Everyone is so afraid to offend everyone but 'the Christians'. 'The Christians' are fair game and many of them get a bad rep because of the random and select ones who DO give the rest a bad name. If you're going to be 'tolerant' - then be 'tolerant' of everyone - despite what label is slapped on them.
      As for Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner - More power to HER for becoming who SHE feels that SHE is. It's not my place (Christian or NOT) to judge her. That's not my job in this world. I was taught to love people for who they are despite their convictions or my own. I'm not perfect...I never will be. I cuss like a sailor, I like to have a drink now and then, and I also read my bible, can quote you scripture, and couldn't imagine letting a day go by that I don't pray to my God.
      I feel sad in lots of ways for Catlyn. And for Bruce. I feel sad for his children and the confusion they must feel. However, I can't help but be astounded by the courage it must have taking for Bruce to choose to become the person he feels that he has always been inside. Hero? No way. Courageous? Sure. Brave? Absolutely. For lack of a better expression - what she did 'took a lot of balls'. Lol

  3. Ugh - the levels of heroism thing bugs me big time. Very well said.

  4. Thank you! You put that so well!

  5. There are a couple of problems here. I'd like to start off with people shouldn't be A*holes. We should be kind to one another.

    I'm sorry Rita but Bruce Jenner is a man, he is not, can never be and will never be a woman. It is biologically impossible for him to "become" a woman. Gender is not fluid, gender/sex is not a feeling, gender/sex is a biological fact based on your chromosomes.

    "I can't imagine what it's like to live your entire life feeling like you're not being true to yourself. I'm so fortunate to not be in that position - but for those who are, I'm sure it's a nightmare. Inside, they feel one way, while outside, the world expects them to be completely different." The problem with this statement is that people feel a lot of things, and a lot of those feelings shouldn't be classified as normal. Your statement can also be applied to people who are attracted to inanimate objects. Should we then pander to these feelings and tell people it's ok to feel like this? More importantly celebrate the fact that they have a psychological problem?

    NO! I feel truly bad for Bruce. Hollywood is using a persons painful and private struggle to make money. So Bruce is brave, brave for putting everything out in the public eye, yet with this will come scrutiny. Heroic? No....I wouldn't call it heroism. Bravery however, yes.

    All I know is the man has a problem, which needs treatment. And while he is trying to come to terms with himself I will have empathy for him. If I knew him, I would treat him with kindness and compassion.


    1. Have you studied her DNA? Do you know for a fact that she is genetically male?

      Comparing transgender to attraction to inanimate objects is ignorant. Transgender is not a psychological problem...it is a genetic trait like blue eyes or, heck, cis-gender.

    2. Genetically male....he has a penis...he is male! If he wasn't genetically male he would not have been able to impregnate women for crying out loud!

      You should just stop...your argument makes no sense. Blue eyes is a genetic trait as is red hair as is having a penis or a vagina. Feeling like you have a female brain while you have all the genetic traits and chromosomes of a man is a psychological problem....


  6. That last line sums it up perfectly!

  7. okay I'm going to say it. Does a hero need to pose on a magazine cover for profit? Does a hero get a new reality show? I applaud anybody who is trying to live their true life but the family are attention seeking reality stars. That's how they make their living.

  8. Right on Lili!! I agree 100%!

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