Eye be Funky 2: The Sequel

I know you're all dying for an update on my eye funk. What's that? You could barely sleep last night for worrying about me and my gooey eye? I was the first thing on your mind this morning? You've been pacing restlessly waiting for the news?

... Oh, my bad. I must need my hearing checked too.

Anyway, as you know if you read yesterday's post, I went to the eye doctor. He got quite the attitude when he saw my eye, because he knows I don't throw my contacts away as often as I should and he has harshly lectured talked to me about it before. He looked in my eye and pronounced that I have the beginnings of a corneal ulcer. Then he showed me this gross-looking chart of the stages of said corneal ulcer. And OMG, y'all. He pointed at the first section - the cornea with a few random spots on it - and was like, "This is what I see in your eye," and then he pointed at this nasty, blind, gross looking thing that I wouldn't have even known was an eye if it wasn't on the chart, and he was all, "... and this is a full-blown corneal ulcer."


He said he couldn't completely rule out pinkeye, but given the fact that he saw the spots on my cornea - and my history of overusing my contacts - he said it was most likely due to that. $56 and a you-could-go-blind lecture later, I was out the door.

But then.

Within an hour or so of leaving the eye doctor's office ...

My other eye began to get gunky and sore.

So I'm figuring I had pinkeye AND a corneal ulcer. Wheeeeee!

The good news is, he gave me some drops, and I'm using them in both eyes, and I'm happy to report that other than being a teeny bit more bloodshot than usual, they're both looking and feeling pretty normal. I have to go without contacts for a week (boooooo), but I have an appointment next Tuesday to get some brand-spanking-new ones (yaaaaaay!).

Okay. This was probably THE single most boring post in the history of Fighting off Frumpy. Whoohoo for setting new records! But anyway, now you're apprised of the latest in the gripping saga of Rita's Funky Eye. Here's looking at you, kids.


  1. Ack! Sorry about your eye.

    I have something going on with mine. I think it can get enlarged or something? I can't remember what the exact term was but it scared me. I'd rather not have my eye explode, you know?

  2. Rita, I had several corneal ulcers on both eyes a few years ago when I was a camp counselor and NEVER changed my contacts AND played in the camp pool with small children every day. It hurt SO bad and I had to do drops as well. It cleared up pretty quickly I think and I haven't had them since. Good luck!! PS) Now I wear daily contacts. :) Candice

  3. Oh nasty. My wife had one of those once. She said it was the worst.

  4. Look on the bright side -- there are probably much worse places to have an ulcer! Um, no, I'm not speaking from personal experience. Really.

  5. Been there, done that this past fall.... no fun at all! But the drops did the trick and I am much more careful than I used to be, I have to admit.

  6. I'm so glad the drops are helping, whatever the problem might have been. I suspect you're right about the ulcer AND pinkeye. What a mess!

    Some of us just have to learn things the hard way....and unfortunately, sometimes you're a lot more like your mother than you should be! LOL

  7. The Girl came home with pink eye from daycare a few months ago. The Boy got it a few days later. Then I got it. I know you're not supposed to, but I just used their drops. That shit stings. Hoe you heal up fast!

  8. I get pinkeye if a car drives by me containing children that HAD pinkeye three weeks earlier.

  9. You should really take your doctor's advice, my brother had to have a cornea transplant, his was caused by contacts too. Just saying....

  10. Ug. Pinkeye is the worst... we all got it a few months ago from my sister's girl :-(


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