What Rhymes with "Bummer?"

Seeing as my oldest just got out of Kindergarten, this is my first experience with summer vacation. As a parent, I mean. And as much as I loved - nay, lived for - summer vacation as a kid, I never imagined loathing it this much. Ever.

But oh. My. Lord.

I have just one thing to say: IS IT OVER YET??

I know. Saying that probably makes me a terrible mom. I know there are moms out there who are all, "I'm so glad my kids are on summer break! It's so nice to have them home!"

I'll tell you something right now: the moms who say that are the moms whose children actually get along for more than twelve seconds at a time.

When Colin went to school, I was worried. I was like, "Wow. What am I going to do without him here?" If you'll recall, I cried all throughout his first day. In the beginning, I felt like something was missing. But then? I grew to appreciate it. Not that I don't love my son, but with his penchant for pestering, I realized that he is the antagonist in at least 85% of the sibling conflicts around this house. And without that, it was relatively peaceful for seven hours a day.

Now it's arguing and shrieking, nearly nonstop. Tattles and shoving matches. Whining and complaining. I've never said, "Leave your brother alone!" more times in my life.

And when they're not fighting? They're using their collective brain power to come up with "innovative" new ideas for things to play. Such as, for example, "snowstorm" ... in which Colin climbed up to the top bunk and loaded the ceiling fan blades with TONS of tiny wads of toilet paper, and then Cameron flipped the switch so the fan would move, and voila - all the toilet paper "snowflakes" came swirling down.

All. Over. Their floor.

I know a better, more patient mom would have a roster of fun activities to keep their boredom at bay. But that involves ... crafts. And projects. And messes. And y'all know how I am with such things. The other day I let them make their own ice cream in individual baggies (a recipe I got here). It was admittedly fun ... until Cameron accidentally punched a hole in his bag and spilled salty ice water all over the kitchen. I was scrubbing up salt crystals for like half an hour.

Despite their wonderful made-up games, and my feeble attempts at fun stuff, I still hear the dreaded, "We're booooooored!" about a hundred and two times a day. It doesn't help that it won't stop raining for more than twenty-four hours at a time. And on a near-daily basis, without fail, Colin asks me if it's a school day yet.

As much as I wish I could say, "Yes it is! See you later!" ... I have to say, "Not yet, buddy. It'll be a while."

And then I silently count the days.  Only 63 to go ......


  1. Where's my mind that my first thought started with the letter "H," eh?

    I need more caffeine.

  2. Snowstorm. I love it! I feel the same exact way. Why do schools hate us so much?!

  3. Two words: Day Camp. My kids each get two weeks of day camp, staggered through the summer so each of them also gets time alone with me. It saves my sanity and they have a great time!

  4. I wish we were neighbors. We could just turn them all loose in the backyard with a sprinkler. Do you know anyone with a farm? That always is a good place for kids. :)

  5. Rita I feel the same way! I hate summer! I work in a daycare at a YMCA and it's great in the school year because I get to take my little ones with me. But in summer I have all 3 boys with me in addition to 20+ kids. I spend the entire time breaking up fights between my boys. It sucks! I am SOOO ready for school!

  6. Jessica Armstrong LasaJune 14, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    Sorry but it only gets worse when they are older. They start punching and chasing each other and calling each other really fun names and having screaming matches. I have had to tell them to STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!! DON'T EVEN LOOK AT YOUR BROTHER. DON'T TALK TO HIM!! It's kind of a losing battle. :)

  7. I am with you sister. We are in NY. the kids get out of school on the 28th. I cant wait for summer to be over. I babysit for 4 plus i have my own 2 who are 9 and 12. I am not rich and its hard keeping them busy. I live on a busy street. I take them to the free and cheap movies once a week, free bowling, parks, zoo, and kids museum. all thngs that are free and cheap. I find it easier to be out of the house and makes the day go by faster. We also have pool days but they get bored with that too. Dont feel bad your human. I think kids should be in school year round!!

  8. It's funny how you tend to forget stuff like that after your kids are grown. I do remember a few unpleasant incidents and hearing "I'm bored" a few times, but mostly I just remember having my own kids and lots of other people's kids all the time.

    I never liked crafts, either. Made too much of a mess, required too much time, never turned out like the instructions/pictures, etc. I'd rather pick up "snowflakes" than glitter.

    At least they'll be entertained when we all come up for 4th of July weekend. Hang in there!

  9. Sorry for your pain, but Snowflakes is priceless... :) GOOD LUCK!!!


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