Hot Mama!

The weather has been getting a little bit cooler lately - I no longer step out my front door and wonder if I've inadvertantly stumbled upon the portal to hell. My face doesn't melt off within six seconds of being outside. And my hair, at least for a few extra minutes, stays relatively frizz-free. It's an awesome feeling.

(And as an aside, cooler weather means it's almost time to put soup back on the menu! Awww yeah!)

Anyway, my perpetually-naked kids have recently been complaining of being cold when they get out of bed in the morning. (Yes, they sleep in the buff ... are you at all surprised?) I have suggested ways to remedy this - such as, I don't know, pajamas? - to no avail. And this morning was no exception as Cameron came up to me, whining. "Mommy, I'm cooooold," he whimpered. "Will you hold me?"

Obligingly, I picked him up and wrapped him in a hug.

"Ahhhh, you're hot," he sighed, content. "My hot mama."

YES. I got called a hot mama. And I'm totally taking it as a compliment.

... Even if it did come from a three-year-old.

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  1. anything said that makes you feel good is a nice thing, somehow, it coming out of the mouth of a little one even makes it better.

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  3. Cooler weather? In August? What is that? Where do you live? I will be living in the portals of hell until mid-October. *sigh*

  4. When my husband once told me I was hot, my son told me, "No, you're just warm."

  5. lol. i guess the words "hot mama" are good to hear no matter who or what the source may be! :)


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