Saturday Night ... Live!

So it's Saturday night and I'm just sitting here (completely sober, unfortunately) and I'm all, "OMG! I could use this awesome webcam to experiment with vlogging!" And because I am really ridiculously stupid at computers sometimes I wasn't even sure if the camera was on. But it was ... fortunately (or unfortunately? You decide). And here's the finished product, y'all. Hope you like mindless blathering!

PS - For some reason, on my computer, this video is looking like an old-school Kung Fu movie ... like you hear the talking and then five seconds later my mouth moves. Weird! I don't know what to do about it (again: computer stoopid) but I hope you don't find it so annoying that you, like, don't ever come back.


  1. Way to go. I've never done that before. Poop is a hot topic in my house too! LOL

  2. What a cool idea! I hope you do more of these.....and ask your brother about getting the audio and the video in sync. ;o)

  3. Jessica Armstrong LasaAugust 7, 2011 at 10:34 AM

    Yo, I didn't know you knew Chinese!! So cool you got that sexy voice to dub over. :) Also, you look so skinny. Way to go! topics...topics...ummmmmm I would love to hear about how Zumba is going....maybe get the kiddos on the vlog. they say the darndest things. :)

  4. That is kind of hilarious that your mouth and sound weren't together. You could have totally done the whole chinese thing. jfkaljiopqeiun fdiaojdaiufa, hnfdaof
    and then your mouth. ok, I'm goofy.

    I love to see people I follow with their Vlogs.

  5. I talk to computer screens all the time. Except I'm usually yelling obscenities.

    It could be the webcam. Is it built into a laptop, because that might be the problem. Two things: 1) Try restarting your computer, and once you're up, don't open anything except the camera and record with a freshly-cleared out memory. That might help things a little. 2) Are you running Windows? There is a free program you can download called Windows Movie Maker. Super easy to edit on there. You can also create your own slide shows with family pictures set to a music soundtrack of your choosing. Like the one I made yesterday that was just a static picture of The Boy with an audio recording of his laugh that The Wife posted on Facebook. Whole thing took about 3 minutes with no real editing. But you can crop sections out, move things around, and all sorts of visual settings. Check it out.

    Hope those help.

    As far as topics—and as much as I love a good poop story—I think you should talk about the migratory habits of Canadian Geese. Or a less hot button issue like Global Warming or the decline of Western Civilization.

    Or you could just tell us about your day and the crazy things that happen.

  6. Don't stop doing the blogs!!! I love reading them and this new vlog is AWESOME!!


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