Dork Dynasty

Were you a dork in school?

I don't think I was a dork. At least, not of the getting-picked-on-for-extreme-dorkiness variety. (Although I may just be completely oblivious. Several people I went to school with do read my blog, so if y'all know me from way back, chime in if I'm wrong!)

Despite being genetically cursed endowed with frizzy hair, small boobs, a huge gap in my teeth, freckles, cankles, and eyebrows that, when left un-waxed, look like two caterpillars mating on my forehead, I don't remember getting teased for anything. (At least not to my face.) I never lacked for friends. In high school, I wasn't involved in sports (trust me: I wouldn't have been an asset to any sort of team) but I was elected to the Student Council and was nominated for Homecoming and Courtwarming royalty three times (and won twice). I wasn't one of the preppy chicks, but nobody seemed to overtly dislike me. I had friends from all tiers of the social hierarchy. Overall, my dork-factor was relatively low - or at least at a level that didn't scar me for life.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are going to be dorks. We all want people to like our kids, you know? I dream of my sons being handsome, athletic, tidy, outgoing, with good grades and tons of friends, inclusive of everyone, well-liked, smart, reliable, kind-hearted, civic-minded, socially responsible, well-rounded and pretty much every other positive adjective you can think of.

But ... yeah. How often does that happen outside of, like, romance novels?

My kids are little now, so it's hard to tell what they're going to be like later on in school. But considering that I have one who is obsessed with computers and science, one who constantly eats paper, and one who's a country boy at heart ... I'm not sure their odds of non-dorkiness are that good. The jury's still out on the baby, but he'll probably be as weird as the rest of them.

Maybe they'll get lucky, though, and genes will kick in. After all, just take a look at their awesome parents as children:

Yes, that is a "Ren and Stimpy" t-shirt.

... Uh-oh.

They're doomed.

PS - Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the comments and support on my last post. You all gave me so much help, and so much to think about! Which is why I looooooove you (in a totally non-creepy way of course). You know I'll keep y'all posted!


  1. I was picked on. But it made me the lovely woman that I am today. At least, that's what I would like to think. HA! I also was not in sports (for the same reason). If you ask me, my "sport" was Art Honor Society. (does that scream DORK, or what!?!?!)

    And if you need proof, here's a reminder:;postID=7903790069038231398

  2. I was a dork with a capital "NERD ALERT!" And I agree - it gave me character. And by character I mean the ability to style my hair after given a swirlie.

  3. Love these pics of you two! Some of these days, I'll dig up a picture of myself as a kid and you'll see what REAL dorkiness is. I was noticeably dorky in the 1950's and '60's - when EVERYBODY was pretty much dorky-looking! (And FYI, I never thought either of you was dorky.) You both turned out great and your boys will, too!


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