See Spot Stay

A weird thing happened not too long ago while I was waxing my 'stache.

What? Yeah, I have a mustache. Actually, it's not all that bad - just a fine fuzz - but I'm a dark-haired chick and so even a fine fuzz must be waxed, lest I be mistaken for Gene Shalit.

Put a fedora and glasses on me and we're practically twins.

I also have a beard. (That's a link, if you want an explanation.)

Both are kept firmly in check, thankyouverymuch. Which brings us to the initial point of this blog post: a weird thing happened not too long ago while I was waxing my 'stache.

Like I said, my mustache isn't too bad, so rather than seeing a bunch of bristly hairs it's more like a shadow. And one spot seemed to look more shadowy than the rest. You know, like the hair was thicker there or something. So I promptly waxed that crap right off my face.

Although ... hmm. I seemed to have missed a spot. The shadowy patch was still there. So I waxed over it again (ouch).

There. That should've taken care of  ... wait, what? It was still there! WTF?

With both my lip and my vanity stinging, I leaned closer to the mirror to inspect. And was shocked to see that it wasn't a hairy patch of 'stache at all ... but an age spot.

I've got an age spot, y'all. On my LIP. That I CAN'T WAX AWAY.

I actually took a photo to show you guys, but opted not to share it because I took one look and decided that a brightly-lit close-up of nostrils and giant pores is not the best way to maintain my dignity.*

*And yes, I know I haven't got much dignity left when I'm publicly declaring the presence of facial hair, but whatever.

So now, no matter how silky-smooth and hairless my upper lip is, I've got a perpetual dark spot that looks like a five o'clock shadow. Ugh.

I'd rather be mistaken for Gene Shalit than for Adolf Hitler.


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