Oh, That? That's, Uh, Chocolate Chip.

The following is an actual conversation had in my house over the weekend.

Let me set the scene for you. Curtis and I are watching TV in the living room and the boys are - well, doing whatever it is the boys do when their parents are otherwise occupied. Suddenly, we hear Colin and Cameron shrieking with laughter.

Cameron: Guess what I did! I just licked poop!

Curtis: ..............

Me: Poop? From where?

Colin: The bathroom counter.

Curtis: .............. (Did I mention he gets really engrossed - or at least pretends to - in the TV?)

Me: Why is there poop on the bathroom counter?

Colin: I don't know! But Cameron licked it!

Hysterical laughter persists. I am not amused. I reluctantly haul myself off the couch to investigate the bathroom counter. Much to my relief, it's not a big smear of poop at all - more like a tiny speck, which is more than likely not even poop to begin with.

Me: Guys, that's not poop. I think that's chocolate chip. Didn't you have a cookie in here earlier?

Cameron: Yes. But then what's that? *points to faint brown smudge along the bathroom door*

Me (not so convinced any more): .... Uh, chocolate chip?

Colin: What's this one, Mommy? *points to a brownish smear on the wall*

Me: .... Uh .... chocolate ... chip?

Coby: And do you know what this is? *points to a crusty glob beside the brownish smear*

Me (squinting. This one can't pass for chocolate chip): I'm afraid ask, Coby, but what is it?

Coby (gleefully): A booger!!

Clearly I need to deep-clean.

And teach the boys to use toilet paper (and Kleenex, apparently).

... Or at least not to eat chocolate-chip cookies in the bathroom.


  1. Too funny! What is it with kids and their fascination with poop? Chocolate chips I get...but poop??

  2. Of course Cameron would be the one to LICK the unidentifiable smear instead of SMELLING it first! (Or hey, even just wiping it up.) At your house, poop and chocolate both appear in strange places on a regular basis!

  3. Ha!! Your house sounds like it would be very amusing to live in.

  4. lol, little boys are amazing in the amount of their grossness!


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