So yesterday was April Fool's Day. Also known as the day when everyone on Facebook falsely announces that they're pregnant. Tricks, pranks, jokes, stunts, whatever you want to call them - everyone's trying to b.s. everyone else on April Fool's.

Personally, I think lots of pranks - especially the ones people deem worthy of videoing - are pretty mean. My husband loves them. He'll watch those ten-minute-long prank compilations on YouTube and laugh like a hyena while I stand behind him going, "Ohhh noooo!" in a disappointed voice. He makes fun of me, but I just feel bad for the people involved. I mean - if there's a mess, somebody's got to clean it up. If you make somebody think they've won a large sum of money or something, they're ecstatic - only to get it ripped out from under them. People laughing at other people's expense just doesn't make me feel happy. BECAUSE I AM NOT AN ASSHOLE.*

*Most of the time.

I'm not above laughing at little harmless tricks, though. And I do love screwing with my kids. Which is why yesterday I decided to do a little April fooling of my own.

I secretly made strawberry Jell-O, but instead of pouring into a bowl, I poured it into the cups they usually drink from at dinner and let it solidify in the fridge. To further convince them, before the Jell-O set up, I poured myself a little glass of it and started sipping. I knew the boys would ask for some because that's what happens every time I try to eat or drink something they aren't eating or drinking. Sure enough, they were all like, "Ooooh, what's that kind of juice, Mommy?"

"It's a new kind of juice I just bought," I said. "You can have some with your supper."

Hook, baited.

At dinner time, I stood by the table and pretended to be checking email on my phone while Curtis and my mom served the boys their food and drinks. Here's how it went down.

Yes. Colin is indeed pantsless. But he did have underwear on, so there's that.

They had less of a reaction than I expected, but they were all greatly amused by it and - more than anything - pleased that stodgy old Mom had gotten in on the April Fool's Day trickery. 

And I got to mess with my kids in a way that won't require therapy when they get older.



  1. They all looked so puzzled, especially Coby! Good prank!

  2. I totally agree with you about the mean pranks.

    When I was a teenager my mom would always try and get me with "oh I saw the Back Street Boys at the grocery store!" or some local semi celebrity. I fell for it at least twice.


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