Poop is the New Black

Poop is a huge part of my life. From changing diapers to assisting the preschooler's wiping to flushing the turds that my older boys like to leave chillin' in the toilet (surprise!!) to scooping the litter box and cleaning up after the dog who gets pissed off (er, pooped off?) when we leave the house without her, I'm always elbow-deep in excrement. It's been this way for, like, almost nine years now. I've been contending with jaw-dropping messes like this (and this, and this, and this, and omgthis) for so long that I can hardly remember when I wasn't. And I'm - dare I say - used to it. So if a poop-hardened veteran like me finds herself marveling at anything fecal, you know it's bad.

What, you ask? Well. If your kids watch TV (and if they're not allowed, you're probably on the wrong blog), you've no doubt seen this:

"This dog food tastes like shit!"

Or perhaps this:
"Oh yeah?! Well I poop ... poop."

And to the toy companies, I must ask this single, burning question: WTF?

Like, seriously? What is suddenly so freaking awesome about poop that even Barbie jumps on the bandwagon? I understand the appeal of a little pet for your doll on a leash and all that. Throw in a brush for its hair and a little dish and some fake food or something. Fine. I get it. But like ... when your toy comes with turds? It's a bit weird.

There have always been the odd poop toys out there. Fake piles of dog doo and stuff. But now it's like poop has gotten a PR makeover and is trendy. Poop is the "it girl" of the toy world. Poop is the new black.

And as a mother who finds herself overly, involuntarily involved in the pooping habits of nearly an entire household, I just don't get why someone would want more poop in their life. I mean, if someone feels they're lacking in that department, they're more than welcome to come by my house for a while. Although they might be in for a surprise, because nobody here poops glitter or jewelry or candy.

... Unfortunately.


  1. As an adult I don't understand it but as a kid I wanted the baby doll that ACTUALLY WET ITS DIAPER because OMG cool! My mom didn't understand it either and was less than impressed when I went through an entire bag of diapers on my doll that were intended for my little brother.. whoops! lol

  2. Agreed! I fail to see the appeal of poop......even the plastic, non-stinky kind. Next thing you know, they'll be making it SMELL like poop! Ugh!

  3. We have that poop Barbie! And she wants that other poop toy.

    Poop amuses my daughter, apparently.

  4. You forgot the game called "Doggie Doo" where you get to pick dog poop up. Meanwhile, if the kid actually HAD a dog, you KNOW they wouldn't be anywhere near the cleanup portion of owning the pet......


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