LEGO Land(mines)

It's a good thing my carpet is as crappy as a freshly-filled diaper, and I don't have one of those "no-shoes" policies in my home - because walking barefoot around here is straight-up hazardous these days.

Remember how I told you guys I got some tickets from They were tickets to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Since we're only a couple of hours' drive from Chicago, we decided to take the kids and make an overnight vacation of it.

Pardon me, but there's a huge giraffe in the way of my photo.

This was seriously the best shot I managed to get of the boys and my mom. Typical. 

The baby was trying to steal the LEGO guy's sandwich. What can I say? He's just like his mama.

The boys adored that place - and, okay, the grownups actually had a good time too. It's pretty fun there to begin with (they have rides! And a 4D theater!), but you know that feeling you get when you see your kids having a blast? Yeah. That kind of adds to the experience.

It also causes a kind of temporary insanity to overtake your common sense (like the time I bought all those fake bugs). Your heart gets all happy when your kids are happy and you're all, "Ohhh! Let's keep up the happiness!" and so you spend $90 in the gift shop on LEGO sets so they can bring the happiness home.

And then you actually get it home and you're like, "Oh. ... Crap."*

*(Or if you're my toddler, you might say "shit.")

Because number one, you realize that like eeeeeverything you bought contains a million little "specialty parts" - without which the original set can never be rebuilt. And you get the sinking feeling that those specialty parts aren't going to stick around for long, because your kids can't even find their shoes in the morning. And lost parts will inevitably lead to much whining. (And then, much wine.)

See all the weird non-standard LEGO parts? The flames ... the eyeballs ... the teeth ... the jointed pieces ... ay yay yay.


I don't know why this picture of my coffee pot is sideways. Just tilt your head, okay? 

Madness, I tell you.

The good thing about all this, though, is that ... you know ...

... Well, the good thing is ...


*cricket, cricket*

Nope. I can't even wrap this post up with a positive.

There are LEGOs all over my floor. No matter how many times they are picked up. Next time, I'm coming at them with the vacuum.

The end.


  1. LOL, I love the pic of me wrestling with the baby! I was actually trying to get him to turn around and look at you. It was a great place for family fun, but I agree that there might have to be an "accidental" vacuuming!

  2. We have lots of Legos around here too. Both my kids love them.

  3. If I step on another Thomas train, I'm going to lose it. I can't imagine the pain of Legos.

    Looks like fun at Legoland. Next time, I'll just drop my kid off to go with your gang, mmmkay? I'll get a pedicure and a latte.

  4. My mom made a circular matt with a string. (picture a mini parachute) All the legos were inside this mat and when finished, you pulled the string and hung it up. Keeping all the legos together. It was THE BEST! Granted, I know you are not the most crafty. So.... search Etsy or something. LOL

  5. Lucky for us, the twins are only 15 months, so we've got super-sized duplo blocks. Unlucky for me (the dad who has to clean them up), I think I've broken all my toes kicking these *-/-*+ things all over the house.

  6. My oldest thought it would be funny to put lego's on the ceiling fan blades and laugh hysterically as I tried to dodge the projectiles once said fan was turned on.

    1. That is actually pretty hilarious!

  7. We have spent (and the kids have had spent on them by friends and relatives) easily over $2000 on lego kits and sets. Guess how many of those are still built? NONE. The pieces are all in two toy drawers that are 25lbs each. Not to mention me taking the 2 hours out of my life to build the objects just knowing that in 20 minutes it will all be in pieces and half of them under the couch. I've just resigned that it's just part of the grand scheme of things. But the all time favorite is when one of my boys gets a huge lego box and then proceeds to open it (literally rip the box across the front) and dump everything out and then opens all the little plastic bags and starts 'playing' with them. Of course they don't tell you that there will be two pieces that they've lost somewhere around the house between the table and wherever they end up. Nothing like having to call lego parts and have $20 worth of one little specialty part (because they're all specialty parts) so you can finish the present only to have it destroyed before that part even makes it to you. Fun, fun, fun.

    And what do they want this year for Christmas and Birthdays? "I don't know... Legos?" A pox on the whole house of Lego.

  8. My son too loves legos and loses them all over the house. It helps to superglue them together. I know that lego "purists" scream that this is sacrilegious, but when you spend $80 on a stupid set with zillions of pieces, only to have it fall apart when it's played with and then end up in the lego graveyard, you'll rethink that superglue.

  9. We're a Lego house as well - I saw something online that made me laugh out loud..."There are 3 levels of pain: Pain, excruciating pain and stepping on a Lego" That is SO true and anyone who has stepped on one can attest to it!

  10. Everybody - chill out!! Legos are fun because you can build whatever you want with them anyway you want to!. Get rid of the instructions. Grab a handful and build something.
    Or just buy people. Those are my son's favorite anyway.

  11. I just paired up my 4 girls so we have a Lego room(Lego and tables, that's it), 2 bedrooms and a closet room. Like a previous commenter we have purchased/received about 35 sets plus a giant tub of my husbands childhood legos. My girls will play with legos for up to 8 hours at a time, then we just shut the door. A Lego set that stays put together is wierd!

  12. Oh, just you wait... If the obsession sticks, your Lego fun is just beginning! Even my 3-yr-old plays with them! Here's a solution - build a huge Lego table and just let them all "live" on there... Here's the link:


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