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I like to watch Hoarders on TV because it makes me feel like my house is super-clean. Try it if you don't believe me! I might have, like, a perpetually crumb-y tabletop and a few hand prints on my walls and smudged-up windows. But then I watch Hoarders and see these people with crap piled up to their ceilings (sometimes it's literally ACTUAL CRAP) and rodents and roaches and dead cats, and then my house starts to feel like this:

It's the best way to feel good about the cleanliness of your space without actually having to clean it. Although you will have to clean it eventually, otherwise, you know ... rodents and roaches and dead cats.

Anyway, I like to think of myself as a relatively tidy person - it's my kids who trash the joint. I'm always tossing stuff in the garbage (like "sparts!"). But the other day I was giving my kids some pineapple chunks and found myself washing out the plastic jar afterward instead of pitching it into the recycle bin. I went to put it away, and realized that I actually have like twenty of them stashed.

Immediately my mind flashed to my grandma Elsie, who for as long as I can remember kept a kitchen drawer full of twist-ties and rubber bands. Hundreds upon hundreds of them, that she literally never used but kept anyway "just in case."

Then my mind flashed to something else: the stash of empty canisters in my laundry room, the ones that once held those little beads you use to add extra scent to your laundry. I save those every time, too. With a creeping sense of horror, I realize that this is a really hoarder-y thing to do.

In my defense (or maybe as further proof that I am indeed a hoarder in the making?), I have little kids. And I feel like these plastic containers could somehow be used for a craft.

Even though I, uh ...

... well, I don't craft.

Shit. I'm a hoarder waiting to happen, aren't I?

Does anybody else do this or should I schedule an intervention?


  1. Haha I do the same thing with pickle jars and those coffeemate creamer containers but I always end up finding uses for them...sometimes lol. The coffeemate things are great for dry cereal to go in the cup holders in the car though so that they can feed themselves and not make a mess I'm sure you could use the downy bottles the same way!

  2. Yep, until I decide to throw it all away and then two days later realize whatever it was would have been perfect could I have thrown that away!!! It would have been so useful!

  3. No, but I do always briefly think, "Would this glass pickle/jelly/spaghetti sauce jar be ok as a drinking glass?". Then I think about trying to scrub off the label and into the recycle bin it goes!!

    1. I actually do save spaghetti sauce and pickle style jars for leftovers.I use the jelly jars for drinking glasses. Then if, or when, something breaks, I'm not that sad...

  4. I save containers for my 4 year olds Sparts and legislative. If I ever find a east craft for containers I'll let you know.

  5. Kaeli brown you can get the labels off by using fabric softener sheets soaked in water. It still takes some elbow grease but if you lay it across the label first it isn't hard. :-)

  6. I am notoriously ruthless when it comes to throwing things out.
    My husband, on the other hand, would totally be a hoarder if it wasn't for me.

    Sometimes I wish I hadnt thrown something away (because I do *occassionaly* do crafts), but mostly I'm just content to have a somewhat clutter free home.

  7. My hoarder tendency is to never throw away condiment packets. It's food, dammit, and when the zombie apocalypse hits, you'll be glad I saved them! Then I realized that the Taco Bell and Wendy's hot sauces are what I saved from over two years ago when I was pregnant and craving. And those jelly packets were collected when my husband brought breakfast to me daily when I was tandem nursing twins and voraciously hungry. I realized I saved them not just for the zombie apocalypse, but because it reminds me of being pampered, of indulging my cravings, of not having to cook! I also saw that others would believe I haven't eaten a veggie in years, either. So, I was able to let go of the packets (except for the jelly, because I looove the jelly) and be happy in the knowledge that 1) I refuse excess condiments now 2) can forgive myself for being wasteful just this once and 3) I can pamper myself and be pampered now in healthy ways and not need the reminder of it every time I open the drawer.

    So in your case, buy one and only one kit to have on hand in the event of a crafting emergency and RECYCLE those containers. It's the hope of becoming one of those crafty moms that makes you hold onto the containers. Always hold onto the hope. You can let go of the containers.

  8. Well, these comments make me wonder if I need to schedule an intervention as well. I'm a "oh the possibilities" Hoarder. Actually, on we were just talking about watching Hoarders as motivation for cleaning and organizing!!
    The difference between hoarding and collecting things that may come in handy is knowing when you have hit your limit. Like today when you found 20 of them... hmm. Maybe we could pitch a few until next time. ;)
    Love your stories. Thanks for the laugh!!
    Also - I have about 500 twist ties. Waiting for just the right occasion..... lol


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