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You guys? I'm a little nervous.

I have a blind date this morning. I found him on the Internet (I can't say "met," as we haven't technically gotten to that point yet).

I've showered. I even shaved my legs just in case things reach a point where he'd be seeing them - I mean, I highly doubt it, since it's my first time meeting him and all, but you can never be too prepared.*

*Plus my leg hair was getting so long that my pant legs were starting to feel tight. Or maybe that's the result of too many Girl Scout cookies? Well, whatever.

I have makeup on. My hair looks decent. I'm wearing an outfit that doesn't scream "SOMEBODY'S MOM." ... Okay, maybe it does. But it's the best I could do.

I hope I smell all right (and that I manged to pluck all my rogue chin hairs) because he's going to be getting reeeeeally close to me. And, like, touching me. If I like him, that is. And I hope I do. I hope we hit it off, and that he's everything I want and need.

Because y'all? Choosing a doctor is freaking HARD.

Yes: this blind date is technically an appointment. With a family practice doctor. This probably wouldn't be a big deal to most people, but I never go to the doctor. Like, ever. In fact, outside of a fertility specialist and then an OB/GYN for my pregnancies, I haven't had a checkup in probably fifteen years. And the last time I went to any doctor, at all, was my follow-up appointment with the gynecologist after Corbin's birth ... two and a half years ago.

I take my kids to every well-child visit and get them in to see the pediatrician when they're sick. Some months, I feel like I practically live in his office. And yet when it comes to my own health, I've always followed an (admittedly flawed) "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.


I turn thirty-five this year. I'm a responsible adult. (For the most part.) And when we are responsible adults, we must do things that utterly suck ass, like subject ourselves to regular physical examinations. Plus? I have kind of a scary family health history.

My great-grandmother had uterine cancer.
My grandmother had cancer of the lymph nodes.
My mother had breast cancer.
My father died of lung cancer.

Are you sensing a theme here? And that's just the direct parental lineage. As much as I hope that the same fate doesn't befall me, I have to be realistic about my chances. And I've got four boys counting on me (and a husband who would shrink all the laundry and put the dishes away in the wrong places if ever I wasn't here).

Anyway, point is, I need to start hauling the ol' bod in for a checkup once in a while. Make sure things are running as smoothly as I think they are. And I hope to find a doctor I'm comfortable enough to ask WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I KEEP GROWING A BEARD.

What about you? Do you go to the doctor regularly or just when it's an absolute necessity?


  1. I go once a quarter, what with the twin threats of advanced age and questionable blood-sugar levels. Outside that schedule, I avoid going unless something dreadfully terrible seems to be happening.

  2. "I fought the doc and the doc won...." ~ I didn't get into a doctor until I was sick all the time and in my 40s - and then it took them until last fall to finally figure it all out, but at least they were checkin and looking. Finding my cancer early has made the treatment and/or prognosis very good so I highly recommend shaving the legs and making yourself go! Although I am still not sure why my legs would need to be shaved to see a doctor that takes care of cancer in my neck, lol.

  3. I havent been to a dr myself since the end of Jan this year. For birth control. Probably should get a check up to make sure im alright its not easy keeping up with 2 boys on your own. lol Thank you for sharing your blog though. :-)

  4. Definitely go to the doc for regular check-ups, especially with any kind of family history of illness. You'll better be able to handle any diseases that pop up if you catch them early and are checking for them. Plus, the happy happy you feel for the rest of the year when you get a clean bill of health is worth it! :) Good luck. It's no fun going to the doctor, but it's one of the smartest things you can do to take care of yourself and your family. Way to go, mama!


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