A Nugget-Vention with KFC Popcorn Chicken Nuggets

If you've got kids, they probably like chicken nuggets. Because what kid doesn't? It's nearly universal. My kids will eat them straight from the microwave, whether they're done or not. They'll stash them in their coat pockets, or in the cup holders of our minivan, and eat them like two weeks later (because kids are gross). And it's times like these when my Mom Guilt kicks into overdrive and I try not to think about how most nuggets are, well ... questionable, at best.

But recently I had the opportunity to give my family some KFC Popcorn Chicken Nuggets. And y'all? I was super-relieved to discover that there is actually nothing questionable about them. They're just crispy little pop-able pieces of double-breaded white meat chicken. Mom Guilt: absolved. See for yourself!
Try to ignore my wrinkly fingers and focus on what's really important here.

Note that the chicken is all in one piece, and you can see that what you are eating is undoubtedly nothing but crunchy, delicious chicken. (That is a HUGE plus.) They're not formed or compressed into weirdly uniform shapes. In short: KFC Popcorn Nuggets are the nuggets that all nuggets should aspire to be.

My children were skeptical at first; after all, these nuggets don't look like their nugget-y counterparts. But after one bite, the kids gave them the seal of approval. At least I guess so, judging by the fact that the KFC Popcorn Nuggets disappeared so fast that I'm not sure anybody chewed. And just look at this face!
Clearly you need neither full clothing nor front teeth to enjoy KFC Popcorn Nuggets.

If I hadn't experienced this culinary epiphany, I'd probably still be feeding my family those questionable nuggets. Do you need a "nugget-vention?" You too may be eating the wrong nuggets if they fit into any or all of the following categories:
- They can't be described as "crispy" or "crunchy."
- You're pretty sure they're chicken, but you can't honestly tell by looking at them.
- They are neither double-breaded nor 100% white meat.
- You drop one on the floor and your dog just looks at it.

If you or someone you love needs to know what a real nugget looks like, take these dinner-saving steps:
- Drive to KFC and get a box (or ten) of KFC Popcorn Nuggets (this is easy because they come in a size that's just right for taking on-the-go).
- Snatch the offending formed nuggets away from the fingers of the unsuspecting formed-nugget eater. 
- Gently replace said nugget with a crispy KFC Popcorn Nugget and slowly back away.
- Be prepared for profuse thanks. Maybe even grateful hugs.


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  1. I'll try these, but I love the nuggets from McDonalds. I don't care what's in them.

  2. The nuggets from Chick Fil A are like these- real white meat and I don't feel bad about feeding them to the kids!

  3. I had some of these just last week, and they are delicious....


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