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I am losing. My ever. Loving. Mind.

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook about how she was sad that school was going to be starting, and I felt like complete shit because I myself am on the verge of packing my kids some sandwiches and a few changes of clothes and dropping them off at the elementary school "a little early."

... Like, you know, a couple of weeks.

What?? I'll leave them a tarp or something in case it rains.

It's just a classic case of too much togetherness. I can tune out a certain amount of bickering, but not when I'm marinating in it 24-7. We will all love one another much more effectively when we can, like, do our own thing for a while.

But for now, I have four boys who are "bored" no matter how much bike riding, roughhousing, video game playing, book reading, and imagining they do. (Just like they're "hungry" five minutes after finishing every meal.) The ten-year-old wants to be left alone, the seven- and five-year-olds want to play with him but not with each other, and the three year old wants to do everything his brothers do, which never goes over well. Plus, he (the threenager) is in this horrible screaming phase in which everything - and I do mean eeeeeverything - elicits a high-pitched shriek capable of waking the dead. Seriously, if zombies start lurching ominously around town, you know who to blame.

Sometimes though, when you're feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of a breakdown, the universe throws you a bone in the form of something funny. A couple of days ago, I was in the kitchen drowning in some mundane task like unloading the dishwasher when I heard hysterical cackling from the living room.

"Mommy!" Coby shouted, barely able to talk between gasps of laughter. "You've got to see this!" He prodded my Terrible Three toward the kitchen. "Now Corbin, show Mommy your Spider-Man fingers," he prompted.

And then this happened:

Despite the fact that it looks like the biggest, gnarliest, most impassioned "eff you" ever, this is actually a photo of a three-year-old who thinks he is imitating Spider-Man's web shooting gesture. But I kind of think it's the most hilarious photo I've ever taken (well, except for maybe this one. Hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here.)

His face looks like that because he was making a hissing noise through his teeth, but doesn't it look like he just gives zero shits?! BAHAHAHAHA. It just goes perfectly with the finger.

Right after this, his brothers (thankfully) showed him the proper Spider-Man finger configuration. I've got to admit, I was a little disappointed. But at least I have photographic evidence.

And at least he didn't do it in public.


  1. My 15 yr old taught my 5 yr old that the Spiderman finger (love that!) meant "I love you." so at her very well attended soccer game on Mother's Day, she ran down the entire length of the field shouting, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommeeeeee!", while flashing the special "I love you" sign. Yeah, best Mother's Day ever.

  2. At first glance, I thought you were re-posting the photo of Cam !

  3. Just when I was about to say that I do NOT miss those days, I got to the part about the Spider-man finger... I take it back! I really DO miss those days. Great story! Thanks for sharing :)


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