It's Not What it Looks Like

My four year old, Cameron, made an obscene gesture this morning. And I found it so amusing that I made him hold that position while I took a picture with my phone.

Now before y'all start gasping and clutching your pearls and calling the nearest Child Protective Services agency to report my questionable parenting, let me make it clear that he didn't really flip me off. Well, at least not in the context normally reserved for the middle finger (like traffic, or when your husband acts like your solo trip to the grocery store was a fun-filled vacation). It wasn't like a big, "Eff you Mommy, my oatmeal was lumpy this morning."  He was actually just showing me where he'd pulled a hangnail off and made his finger bleed. See?

When I took the picture he was all, "It's not funny, Mommy!" (... But it totally was.) Still, I stopped laughing long enough to gush my motherly sympathy for his poor nearly-severed finger and give it a few kisses.

And oh yeah - your eyes don't deceive you. He is actually eating that Kleenex. He eats paper products, remember?

Hey, I can't be such a fantastic mother all the time.


  1. In his defense, that Kleenex looks DELICIOUS.

  2. Poor baby! Those darn hangnails do hurt! (And I can just imagine the drama he was able to produce - he's so good at it!) Hope it heals soon.

  3. When I was in kindergarten, my dad and I were ate has station and I was waiting in the car. He looked at me in the window and with a big grin,I flipped him the bird. He was obviously shocked and when he in the car,asked of I knew what it meant. I told him that I didn't but the kids on the bus did it and always laughed at me when I did it. Eel,even he informed me that it meant a naughty word, I guess ivories inconsolably for hours.

  4. Maya had her little finger jammed so far up her nose and I know it is gross, but I couldn't help but laugh. There is something funny about a teeny finger in a teeny nostril that is just comical.

    BAD MOMS UNITE!!!! lol


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