This Phase is a Scream

I'm hoping I don't get a visit from the cops. Or worse, child protective services. But seriously, judging from the piercing screams that seem to almost constantly emanate from my house? I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors called either one. Because it sounds like I'm butchering a pig up in here, y'all.

And his name is Cameron.

My three-year-old, has always had a big voice. It's just ... naturally loud. EXCEPTIONALLY loud. Even when he was a tiny infant, his cries could've woken the dead (with the exception of his father, who has always had a rare talent for "sleeping through" the boys' middle-of-the-night disturbances). I don't know why it's that loud except Cameron has a really big mouth, like really big, which might have something to do with it. Anyway, I love it when he sings, laughs, or says something funny. I do not, however, find it amusing when he screams.

Unfortunately, screaming seems to be what he does best lately. It's always brought about by Colin's pestering/torturing/teasing/scaring. And it DRIVES me CRAZY. No no ... crazy isn't even a good enough word. The sound is like hundreds of people collectively scraping their nails across a chalkboard while someone drives red-hot pokers into my ears and lets loose a swarm of buzzing mosquitos around my head.

But Colin doesn't feel the same about his little brother's huge voice. In fact, he enjoys bothering Cameron into a screaming frenzy. Which means he does it every. Single. Chance. He gets. And considering they're together all day long since it's summer vacation? I think you get the idea.

Colin chases Cameron with a toy snake: screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!
Colin clips the dog's leash to Cameron's shorts: screeeeeeeeeeeeam!
Colin pretends to reach for Cameron's breakfast/lunch/dinner/drink: screeeeeeeeeeeeam!
Colin pretends he's going to pee on Cameron: screeeeeeeeeeeeam!
Colin says any variety of words (like "piggy" or "snoogle") in a "scary" voice: screeeeeeeeeeam!

I could go on. Like, indefinitely. Point is, it's ridiculous. But what's worse is that once he got into the habit of screaming about everything Colin does, Cameron also started to scream in response to just about everything else. Like when he's playing with the dog. Or when the baby tries to take a toy from him. (Which both happen approximately 1,500 times a day.) Even when Colin is doing something that Cameron likes - tickling or playing tag - what does Cameron do?

You guessed it. He screams. At the top of his lungs.

My ears are perpetually ringing. My head is perpetually aching. My nerves are perpetually shot. I know this is just a phase - I mean I don't think he's going to go off to college screaming at every little thing - but at this point, I'm praying the phase ends before I go completely mad.

Or before, you know, my eardrums explode. Whichever happens first.


  1. I was always so thankful I had quiet children! Just the luck of the draw. Drake is quite, Tannis came into the world screaming and hasn't stopped since

  2. Yes, Cameron is famous (or infamous) for his ear-piercing screams. We need to put a volume control button on him somewhere. Then we could turn it up when he's singing or laughing, and mute him when he's about to scream. LOL

    Hopefully this phase will be over soon.....followed by who-knows-what next!

  3. Sam was our screamer. She could scream for about 3 hours. We didn't know what it was about she wouldn't stop screaming long enough to tell us. Oh she could talk. Started at 14 months in full sentences. She did talk a lot .... She has since stopped screaming, but she can still talk your leg off. This to shall pass for Cameron. I too often thought the neighbors would turn us in for killing her. Ask your mom she lived up the street at the time. She probably remembers.

  4. Oh, ugh! I remember those days. Except eventually it turns from screaming to whining. I preferred the screaming.

  5. Natalie is also a screamer. My ears seem to ring daily thanks to her.

  6. I HATES the screaming. It seriously makes me want to punch something, and by something, I mean their mouths from which the screams eminate (I kid, I'd never punch them). My kids think screaming just for fun if FUN! In fact, this morning, they did it for 10 minutes straight, just because. When I came out of my room and told them to knock it the heck off, Maggie said, "well, we wanted you to wake up." OY! Hope Camerons screaming phase ends sooner than later.


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