You So Six-y

Six years ago this very moment (edited: this very moment yesterday, because I am a slacker who apparently cannot publish a timely blog post), I was watching The Golden Girls in a backless gown, hooked up to monitors signaling my contraction strength. Little did I know that the "little" guy I was about to deliver would end up being my biggest baby: nine-plus pounds of heftiness that charged boldly through my nether-regions like a linebacker.

I also blogged about it - because at that time, my blog was relatively new and I had never written a post while not pregnant.

This burly baby was Coby, who is turning six now OMG where does the time go?

He looks soooo much like I did at his age. Like, exactly. And if you tell him that, he will smile in an embarrassed manner - because apparently at this age it's cooler to look like Dad.

See? Change the hair color a bit, give him a sweet mullet like my first-grade self, and we're practically twins. It kind of trips me out to see what I'd have looked like as a boy, so I'm kind of anxious for him to grow so I can see what I'd have looked like as a man.


Coby has a sweet and easygoing disposition, a genuinely big heart, and is always the first one jumping up to lend a helping hand. While he's still holding fast to his mysterious country-boy roots, he has discovered a deep love for physical fitness - you can find him lifting my ten-pound hand weights (a pretty impressive feat when you consider he only weighs less than fifty pounds himself) and doing push-ups and burpees. And he has always been inclined to eat healthy - this is the kid that goes to the pizza buffet and loads up his plate with veggies. (This is something he most definitely did not inherit from his mother. I buy butter in bulk if that tells you anything.) The amount of strength in that little body is absolutely amazing, but what's more amazing is his total dedication to improving it. He's about to start karate lessons, and he loves skateboarding. Always on the go, this boy.

He's our "easy" one. While he has his moments, we can always count on him to be generally more even-tempered and agreeable than his brothers. His teachers gush about what a joy he is to have in class. He's had a few cringe-worthy incidents - like this one - but so far he hasn't cost us thousands of dollars in emergency room bills (like some of our kids ... coughCorbincough) or elicited calls from the school. So I'm actually pretty grateful for his disposition.

I've made a slideshow for his birthday. I mean, I didn't make slideshows for ... let's see ... any of the three other birthdays we've celebrated this year, but hey. Better one than none, right? I'll be more on the ball next year.

... Yeah, next year.

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  1. I can't believe it's been 6 years! I totally remember reading about when he was born!

  2. I just want to say that I love your blog!!!! ❤️


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