The Frump is Still Fighting!

I'm tired of being away from here. When I started this blog back in 2009 when I was pregnant with Coby (son #3), it was my escape, and there were literally days when I had to stop myself from publishing two or three posts instead of just one. I wrote whatever the hell I wanted, not looking to impress anybody with my literary prowess because let's face it, I thought only my mom would read it. (She did. And still does. Hi, Mom!) It was my lifeline to an outside world that I'd lost touch with while I was drowning in a sea of spit-up crusted pajama pants and poopy diapers. Hearing from you guys, other parents who GOT ME, was incredibly therapeutic.

Fighting off Frumpy has always been a labor of love, but y'all? I'm pretty sure the electric company doesn't accept "alternative currencies." And as much as I love my blog, it pays zero bills. It couldn't even buy me a couple of (much-needed) cocktails. So like any working mom, I've had to go where the money is, which means I'm squeezing out the contents of my brain for other places that will give me a few cents of kickback in exchange for my efforts. Sigh.

BUT. I refuse to let this blog die a slow death from neglect. It's important to me, and it has helped me commemorate the crazy ridiculousness that is raising four children from scratch (like, remember this? Ugh). It served as a coping mechanism during the shit-soaked rollercoaster of my children's infant-and-toddlerhood, when I had to laugh or I'd cry. And now, it serves as a monument to motherhood, a funny and touching memory book that all of you have shared with me. I'm not going to give that up.

It might be more of a personal journal, like it was at the first - more a chronicle of my own life. I'll save the more widely relatable stuff for the paying markets. (*eye roll*) But I think that was my mistake in the first place ... trying to write things that appealed to everyone and getting away from my blogging roots, which were basically just me keeping an online journal that anyone could happen to read. That's what brought you here, and made this blog what it is, and that's what I'm gonna keep doing.

Anyway. Time for a quick update on the cast of characters that some of you have literally been following since birth. :)

- We moved to a very small town in Ohio. We've been here for a year next month. I like it (LOVE our neighborhood, thank goodness!) but it's still weird trying to get used to living in such a small place. I grew up in a small town, but it's been a long time since I've lived in one.

- Colin, our oldest, is now ELEVEN, y'all. Sixth grade. Skinny and big-footed and his voice is getting that scruffy edge to it that reminds me it's going to be deepening very very soon. We still struggle with his ADHD, although we're trying a new approach right now - online school here at home through a program called K12. The rest of the kids are still in public school and doing great, but Colin was having a lot of trouble concentrating and his grades were a disaster. He seems to be doing much better with this format so far, but it has only been a month, so we'll see if it continues.

- Cameron just turned nine and is smart and witty and outgoing and absolutely hilarious. The other day we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, and when the waiter put the basket of chips in front of Cameron, Cameron said, "Excellent placement, Sir." That's just how he is, all the time.

- Coby is seven now. (Remember when he was born? Wasn't that, like, a year ago?!) He is into athletics and health and fitness. Much to my chagrin, he wants to enroll in all the sports that ever sportsed. I hate sports. But I love Coby. So, he's in basketball right now and will probably be in baseball and/or soccer during the spring. I'm officially a "sports mom." Did I mention I hate sports? Like, hate them?

- Corbin is four (remember when he was born? AGH!!) and in preschool. Here he is on his first day.

Isn't he ... precious?

This is what he used to do when you'd ask him to make "Spider-Man fingers." He isn't really that much of a juvenile delinquent. (At least not at this point.) In fact, he's a really good boy. He's definitely got a stubborn and bossy streak, but I guess that comes with the territory when you're the youngest. You've gotta make your mark somehow, right?

All right. Now that you're essentially up to speed, I'ma get off this computer and tend to my other responsibilities. I may have a "glamorous" job writing for major parenting sites, but these toilets aren't gonna scrub themselves.

Damn it.


  1. Yay!! I love your blog! I used to binge read at night when up with littles... snort laughing at your posts because they are so relatable!

    Glad for new posts!
    From another Ohioan ❤

  2. missed you! Glad you're back!

  3. Yep, I'm still here and still enjoying your blog! And the best part? I get to see those boys first-hand, every day, and watch their antics! Lucky me!

  4. So happy to see you back to your "roots"!!! And no, I can't believe that your kids are that big already, but I can't believe mine are 9 & 6 either....
    Can't wait for future posts!!

  5. Hi there! Wondering if Colin is still on ADHD meds and how they ended up working out. Having similar struggles with my 7 year old son, but haven't ventured down the medication route yet. Would love to hear more about your journey!

  6. Yep, apparently I missed your blog, too! After six months with no Facebook I was like *ding* FIGHTING OFF FRUMPY!!!! I have appreciated your candid sharing of my struggle---I mean YOUR struggle more than you will ever know. This was a great update on your beautiful children! My oldest just registered for his freshman year in high school (WHAT?!), is now taller than me and is completely covered with hair.I'm signing him up for drivers Ed as soon as there is an opening.

    Anthony is almost 13 and is my jock. In the evenings you can find him lifting weights or doing sit ups.He is shaped like a stick figure.Basketball season just got over and we are registering for baseball this month.P.S. I used to absolutely loathe baseball but now I love it.

    My sweet (dramatic), mature (difficult) daughter is almost 8 (going on 23). Her days are filled with challenging her mother's every decision and surfing YouTube for all the answers to life.

    Gotta go! It's Valentine's day and you know I have cupcakes to pack up, meat and cheese tray to prepare and raffle basket donations for three classes to deliver....

    Your Chili Bowl Friend!

  7. I just found your blog after reading about your "grumpy kid" on another site. I am amazed at the things we share in common - starting with my own "grumpy kid", a 12-yr-old 'Oscar the Grouch' himself, who also has ADHD and just switched to online/homeschooling! (We're, actually, still in the process of signing him up and I'm extremely anxious about it - constantly wondering if he'll become antisocial, or if he'll be focused and do well with this method of learning - but it's kind of like a last resort and well, I guess we'll soon find out!) A lot of people worry about his disposition (he's a VERY strong-willed "grouch") so it really felt good to read your post about accepting our kids the way they are, apparently, born to be. My son's been pretty much the same, all his life - though, I can definitely see his hormones at work now, and the thought of him transforming into a teenager kinda scares the bejeezus out of me. But, after reading your post - tonight, at least, I will worry a little less. So, thank you for that! :)
    Anyway, I love how much I find relatable here (my hub & I have also been together for 19 years! - now, plus 3 kids) and your sense of humor is just my style, so I look forward to reading more of your story. Thanks, for sharing! ;)

    ~ Julie in AZ


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