Have had entirely too much Easter candy ... feel nauseated and disgusting ... that's what I get for pilfering from the kids' baskets.

Seriously, though, chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies? Peeps? Peanut butter eggs? Who can resist? There may be even a little more than I'm letting on ("A bag of Kit-Kats? No, Honey, I don't think you ever picked one up..."). Mass consumption of junk tends to blur my memories into one long sugary stupor. All I know is, I had too much ... like 5000 calories ago.

I put a roast and veggies in the Crock Pot, so at least we'll get some sort of nutritious meal today. Pot roast is such a "Sunday dinner" type of food, you know? I felt like I ought to be preparing it in a June Cleaver dress, pumps, and pearls. (In reality, I wasn't even close in my black maternity workout pants and tent-sized fuschia T-shirt, but whatever).

For the majority of the day I've been pretending to be a dolphin. Because dolphins just scream Easter, don't they? Actually, it's Colin's new thing: he's Baby Dolphin and I'm Mommy Dolphin. And we speak back and forth to each other in a series of high-pitched "Ee! Ee!" noises.

The good thing is, he can be persuaded to do almost anything (cooperatively!) if he's asked in "dolphin" - even requests like, "Pick up your room," which would normally have him dragging his feet. Now if I could only find something that works similarly well on Curtis!

Easter is a time of revelations: some joyous, such as Jesus being risen from the grave, and some not-so-joyous ... such as chocolate gives Cameron the runs. I hope your Easter brings surprises of the happier variety. :) Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I can't stand roast! LOL It's just soo... I don't know, blase! Also, I love the dolphin speak! I wish we could knit and enjoy it together! Haha

  2. I don't know, Ricky ... you might like mine ... mama makes a mean roast. ;)

    Jenna - you are such a sweetheart. Thanks!

  3. I had a wonderful Easter, but secretly felt a little sorry for myself because the diet kept me from consuming mass quantities of Peeps and chocolate!

  4. I only WISH there had been something to keep ME from consuming it all ... it would have been for my own good! :)


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