I admit it. My kids are some TV-watchin' fools.

When Colin was little, I intended to be one of those moms that limited TV time to, say, one show a day. But then I saw how he laughed and smiled and, most importantly, sat still during his Baby Einstein videos. It bought me valuable time to write/clean/cook/stare openmouthed into space. And to a harried mom, anything that gives you extra time to get things done is like crack: addictive.

Now don't go calling Child Protective Services on me. It's not like I've ever been one to plop my kids in front of the boob tube and make them stay glued to it all day. They're not watching Jerry Springer. And in reality, though the TV stays on for the majority of the day, my boys probably only sit and watch two shows or so. The rest of the time, they're busy figuring out new and inventive ways to make bigger, more irreversible messes.

Still, I tell myself that the "good" moms of the world would just keep their televisions off most of the time. They would self-righteously scorn my neglectful ways as they practiced phonics with their kids (in between mommy-and-me exercise and Kindermusik classes).

But the more I think about it, the more I wonder: what's so wrong with TV, anyway? My children only watch educational programming, stuff they can learn from. And they do learn a lot from it - Colin is always quoting things he's picked up from his various shows. They're quiet and occupied when they watch, which means I can get things done, which means everybody's stress level is lower - definitely a plus. And it's not like TV has replaced quality time with me: we still read, play, and pretend (in fact, I just rescued them from under a "giant pile of spaghetti sauce" - also known as a red throw blanket).

So I refuse to feel bad about it any more; the anti-TV moms can cluck disapprovingly and look down their noses all they want. I think my kids are A-OK, and I know they're sharp as tacks. The worst thing about them watching TV is the fact that I consequently walk around singing little ditties all day (bonus points to anyone who can identify this: "When I can't sleep, and fe-el lone-ly, I know just what to doooo ... think hap-py thoughts, happy thoughts ...")

And to illustrate my point that kids who watch lots of TV do indeed grow up to become decently functioning adults, I'm going to include a couple of fun Sesame Street clips that I enjoyed when I was little. Holla if you remember these!


  1. yo gabba gabba. Also, I didn't even have to watch the video to know that episode of sesame street where they make the crayons is one of my fondest childhood memories. I think about it all the time!! (how weird is that?) I was just thinking about this yesterday (I think, lol) when I was watching a Dr. Phil about angry moms, we need to do what we can to keep our sanity. I am tired of "everyone" (society, I guess) trying to make me feel like a bad mom. When my oldest son in kindergarten went through about a month of getting in trouble at school I was beside myself until I started the same thought process. We play, we read, we play board games, we draw and write!! My child has got to be one of the most nurtured......even though he does watch a bit of TV every day and play some video games. *GASP*

  2. LOL - you got it Jess! (By the way, I hate Yo Gabba Gabba.)

    I think sometimes we're so pressured by our perceived "failures" as moms that we forget to see the positive in what we DO do. (Heheh, I said "doo-doo.")

  3. As soon as I started reading, all I could think about was Sesame Street. I LOVED it. Actually, Shane and I still watched it in high school when we could! I always loved that crayon-making episode, too. Aww...

  4. I STILL love Sesame Street and any Muppet movie, especially the older ones. Sesame Street was better back in the day, though ... at least I think so. :)

  5. I remember the crayon and the loaf of bread episodes of Sesame Street. It seems to me that when I would come home from school someone would have it on sitting in her little rocking chair right in front of the tv. Not mentioning any names sis.

    Then when Becky was little she liked to watch Sesame Street along with everything on PBS.

    I tend to like the older episodes of Sesame Street the ones when only Big Bird could see Mr Snuffleupagus(or howerver you spell it)

  6. I think those episodes where Snuffy was Big Bird's "imaginary friend" were a little before my time (since you're sooo much older than me and all, LOL). ;) But I do remember when Mr. Hooper died.

  7. It is so crazy when I'm reminded of something like that. Watching those clips were HUGE flashbacks for me. I know I've had to seen each of those a gazillion times as a kid!

  8. Aren't they fabulous, Jenna?!? I was so psyched to find them on YouTube!

  9. Wow, I love that crayon segment! I always ran to the living room to watch it with you kids. Watching it now, I can almost smell that lovely new-crayon smell!


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