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I love me some clean laundry scent, y'all.

Ever since I've started doing my own laundry, I've been on an endless pursuit of the freshest-smelling clothes possible. I want my clothes to be the kind people want to bury their face in and inhale - like in the Gain commercials. At any given time, you can find an arsenal of detergents, bleaches, and fabric softeners in my laundry room due to my mad quest for the best scent. It borders on ridiculous, really.

So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday, Curtis came upstairs carrying a basket of laundry that he had (wonder of wonders!) done himself - and I could smell the freshness as he came up the stairs. What?!

He put the basket down beside me (I guess nobody has ever explained that "doing" laundry means washing, drying, and folding) and the clothes were just emanating scent like never before. Curiously I picked up one of my kitchen towels that was sitting on top of the pile, and the fresh scent was so strong when I sniffed it that my throat actually locked up.

"How many dryer sheets did you use?" I asked suspiciously, after I'd finished choking.

"Just one!" he insisted, but I knew better. I've been doing laundry, mounds of laundry, MOUNTAINS of laundry, for years - and I have yet to achieve that result with ten fabric softener sheets, let alone a single.

There's no arguing with him, though ... and I folded the entire basket and didn't find more than one used sheet ... so I tried to let it go, the mystery of the super-overly-fresh laundry destined to remain just that - a mystery.

This morning, though, it was still bothering me. Every time I walked past my overwhelmingly-scented kitchen towel, I could smell it. Not a bad air freshener for the kitchen, but how on earth had Curtis gotten it to smell so potent? Then it hit me. It wasn't a bad air freshener because it smelled ... just like my air freshener. And immediately, I knew what had happened.

To explain, let me first provide you with a visual, in case you've never been to my crib:

These are the stairs leading down to the laundry room. In lieu of a hamper, we usually just toss our dirties lazy-style over the railing, where they land (pretty much) at the laundry room door. On the ledge, as you can see, I keep a variety of houseplants and an essential oil air freshener: clean linen scent. Can you see where this is going?

Yep! You guessed it! The other day, while throwing some clothes onto the ever-growing pile below, Curtis accidentally knocked over the open bottle of scented oil. What I knew is that it trickled down the bannister. What I didn't know was that he used my kitchen towel to sop it up - and then consequently threw it in the wash with the rest of the stuff, scenting the entire load.

Mystery solved!


  1. LOL!
    I love the smell of clean laundry, which results in me loving to do laundry! That is too funny. I don't have the scented oil things though as my cat is too curious and those are deadly to animals. :(

  2. Maybe you could just buy one to keep with your laundry supplies, and spritz a little on when you want some extra freshness? LOL

    My cats aren't curious enough to get into the oil - they just like to get into "people food" and then barf all over the place.

  3. lol that's funny - and nice drawing - felt like I was watching football & they were showing us a move someone made.

  4. Too funny! Of course there HAD to be SOMETHING more than one sheet!! LOL....Have you tried the pink bottle of snuggle? I'm stuck on that one...smells pretty darn good!! But I don't think any of it lasts for too long....hangs in the closet for more than couple days then it fades.

    Oh...and the other night I commented to your housewife blog...darned if I didn't lose it trying to sign in! UGH!!

  5. How funny! At least now we know how to get really clean-smelling laundry! I'm not sure it would be good for all fabric types,though. :o)

  6. Well, I guess now you know how to get your laundry smelling great!
    I always remember that Chad Kilgore smelled so "laundry fresh" and I always wondered how Donna got their clothes that way. Maybe she was using scented oil all this time!

  7. Well Mom, it didn't stain any of our clothes or towels, not even a grease spot (oddly enough). Who knows! We may be on to something here!

  8. Jennifer, I know people like that, who always achieve "THAT" level of laundry freshness. And it always baffles me.

    It was the same with Cindy Milner's hair, which always smelled so fragrantly of shampoo ... I used to inhale a little more deeply when I was sitting next to her in class, LOL! :)

  9. Cindy, I can't believe I'm about to admit this in public, but ... I don't use the liquid fabric softener because (whispers) I don't know how. LOL! I'm not sure which cup it even goes in ... how sad is that! I just toss in a dryer sheet and call it good.

    What's the scent of the pink bottle though? Maybe they've got it in sheets!

  10. Denni - I had to draw it ... it would have taken me forever to explain the layout!

    And speaking of my house, when are you coming up here missy?

  11. I remember that fresh scent from when I was a kid and my Mom dried everything on clotheslines outdoors - doubt you wanna go that far though ;)


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