Hurricane Cameron

My 16-month-old, Cameron, is like King Midas. Except for one small (albeit very important) detail: everything he touches doesn't turn to gold ... it turns to some sort of mess that will make me cringe, and/or cry. Let me provide you with some photographic evidence - all recent.

This, for example, is what happens when he's given a chocolate cupcake (to say nothing of the rest of it being smashed into his hair and smeared onto his face):

Or when he's in the vicinity of a mud puddle. Mind you, there were FIVE adults present when this happened, and he was still too quick to be prevented:

Then there's this, the "treasure" (also known as a popped Applebee's balloon which he dug out of the TRASH) that I found stuffed into - get this - the DVD drive of my computer (which he has since broken, again):

Give him a crayon, and he'll color ... the recycle bin.

And finally, the reason(s) he's not to be in the room when we put away groceries:

Yes, those are bites out of those potatoes ... through the bag.
I don't have pictures of everything he does; if I did, we'd be here all day. But suffice it to say, he's the primary reason there are always plant leaves on my floor, a hole in my living room window screen, torn-up blinds in his brother's room, and a loooooong list of other such things.

I'm not saying my oldest was never like this, but Colin doesn't possess the amount of destructive capability in his whole body that Cameron seems to possess in one pudgy little finger (thank goodness!). And the child is quick - he can do any amount of damage in the blink of an eye. If Mommy wants to go to the bathroom by herself? Forget it. If he spent three minutes out of my sight, I'd better be prepared for some sort of massive cleanup by the time I get out.

He's just lucky he's so adorable and affectionate!


  1. That's hilarious. What is with little boys? And what is with little boys and toilets? And did a girly girl become the mama of a rough and tumble little dude? Go figure.

  2. You answered my question--I was going to ask if Colin had been the same way. The potatoes are my favorite!

  3. Oh my gosh. He's just like my daughter! Seriously, my daughter has done ALL of that. Including the mud thing. And when I was telling my Mom about it she was all, "Well, where were you you?" and I was all, "About two feet away! But she's so FAST!"

  4. Haha! We have a trash digger here, too. Except it's my daughter. That was a funny blog!

  5. Ahhh you gotta love Cameron! And LOL to the potatoes too funny!

  6. Oh my, Kendra is the SAME way! Maybe it's a second child thing? Though I was good as gold, so who knows... ;)


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