Your Daily Dose of Immaturity

To kick off the weekend properly, I want to share a little tidbit I photographed directly from my TV during a Golden Girls marathon last night.

Tell me: what, exactly, is that hanging on the wall behind Sophia's head?

Call me a big perv, but does it look a little ... erm, phallic to anyone else? This is the best screenshot I could get, but trust me, it looked like that in every scene - leading me to run for my camera. (And it is hanging in Blanche's kitchen and all ...)

Talk amongst yourselves! :)


  1. yes, i see a little scrotal action going on. then again, i often see the perverted side to many things.

  2. I see what you mean, but I think it's some sort of kitchen mold (like for cakes or gel salads, etc.). Anyway, you can still use your imagination!

  3. LOL a penis behind Sophia! Ahhh the GG - I can't get enough!

  4. Yup, I see it too, guess that makes me a bit of a pervert as well...

    Oh, I am finally back on here, I reactivated my blog from a couple years ago.

  5. I love watching old episodes of The Golden Girls and I have actually noticed that thing before. I think your mom is right, and I'm disappointed to agree that I think it is a cake mold.

  6. It is a copper lobster to mold "lobster pate"


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