No Rest for the Sick-ed

Just as predicted in my last blog, I'm sick. So are both the kids. In fact, they seem to be even sicker than I am at this point - they've both got coughs that I don't have (yet) on top of everything else. We're all suffering from sore, scratchy throats, stuffy heads and runny noses.

So WHY am I the only one interested in just lying around and taking it easy??

Seriously, if I could do anything with my weekend, I would spend it on the couch. I'd be trying to recuperate. And that's exactly what would be on my agenda, if only the kids would cooperate. But even despite the sickness, do you think they're feeling lethargic? No. Are they interested in chilling out, watching TV? No. They still want to run around - exponentially whinier and grumpier than usual, but still as energetic - and get snot all over everything.

Not only is that not conducive to me getting extra rest, it actually makes my job harder at a time when all I want to do is lay down! Curtis is working twelve-hour shifts all weekend, so I pretty much won't see him until Monday, which doesn't help my predicament. And while I drag my (sick and unmotivated) feet, the house slowly deteriorates around me. Dishes and laundry are piling up. There are crumbs, toys, and a towel from last night's bath littering the living room.

Over the sound of Cameron coughing up a lung, Colin just yelled, "Ugh! My nose is vibrating!" I'm not sure what that meant, exactly, except he sounded pissed. But does that make him want to climb into bed and get better? Absolutely not. He's off to drag out more toys and pick on his little brother - vibrating nose be damned!

Maybe if I close my eyes and wish hard enough, a maid and a babysitter will magically appear, Mary Poppins-like, on my doorstep.

Or more realistically, some catastrophe would happen while my eyes were closed and then I'd be left to deal with a clogged toilet or a mysteriously bald cat ... because we all know what happens when Mommy turns her back.


  1. Isn't it strange - and frustrating - that little kids don't seem to slow down even when they're sick? I guess if they were actually lying around, though, we'd worry about them. Still, I wish you could get some rest so you'd start feeling better. Maybe Monday Curtis will be able to help. Meanwhile, don't turn your back! ;o)

  2. Yeah, I did that earlier - turn my back, that is, just long enough to bag up the kitchen trash - and was rewarded with a bathroom floor full of soapy water. Joy!

  3. I literally laughed out loud at the vibrating nose. Actually, I'm still laughing about it. Sorry--I'm sure it's not nearly as comical to you! Wish we lived closer so we could help out and give you a day of rest.

  4. Some of the things he says come out of left field, but they ARE pretty amusing. :)

    Thanks for the offer - wish we could take you up on it, LOL!


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