Here's to You, Rue

When I was five, I was goofing around in my grandparents' back yard and ran face-first into their chain-link fence (don't ask), shattering my two front teeth. My brand-new permanent two front teeth. After impact, I staggered backwards and noticed something gritty in my mouth, at which point I spit, spraying a fine mist of powdered tooth all over the grass. Yep, those bad boys were busted nearly to the gums. So you know what I did?

I didn't collapse to the ground in a sobbing heap. I didn't even cry. I went in the house, climbed up into the scratchy recliner in front of the family room TV, called to ask Grandma for a glass of milk, and watched The Golden Girls.

Fast-forward to just a few months ago: September 2009. I was in labor with my son Coby, my biggest baby yet at 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Sitting in a sterile hospital bed, wearing a flimsy gown and a grimace - and watching The Golden Girls.

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia have been a part of my life since I was barely old enough to form lasting memories. They've held the number one spot on my list of favorite shows since, like, the eighties. Those Girls have seen me through a lot (see above), and I've gleaned wisdom from all four of them at some point. But my favorite has always been Blanche. Sexy, self-absorbed, shallow Blanche. So when I read today that Rue McClanahan, the actress icon who played her, had died ... I was genuinely sad, y'all. Rue brought such life to the role, like no one else could have, and her face is as familiar to me as my own mother's.

Here's to you, Rue. Thank you for being a friend.

Blanche: I am abhorred.

Sophia: We know what you are, Blanche. I'm glad to finally hear you admit it.

Blanche: Sophia, I said abhorred.

Sophia: Abhorred, a slut, a tramp. It's all the same.


  1. Wow! I hadn't heard!! I loved that show in the '80's, and loved Blanche (although Sophia was what I inspired to be like whenever I grew old and crotchety). Oh, I'll miss her....

  2. I'll miss her too! I love that show!

  3. oh man, I hadn't heard that yet. Too bad. She was awesome.

  4. Rue was awesome! I <3 all the Golden Girls! AND I'm so thrilled Betty White is having so much fun these days :) She's gotta live it up for the rest of the girls!

  5. Great post. The Golden Girls has been a staple of my life, too!

  6. I still watch that show with my boys and love them gals.
    Didn't know she passed, so sad.
    But what ever happened with your teeth?

  7. The Golden Girls will hold a high place in a lot of our hearts. Since I was always the "dumb blonde" I did relate to Rose, Betty White's character the most, but loved them all.

    They really were like "our friends"!

  8. Blance was always my favorite, even though she was quite self-absorbed. At least she was honestly appreciative of herself! Rue will definitely be missed.

  9. Awww. That was a funny show and a very nice post.

  10. Hi Rita .. I just found your blog and am already hooked!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. I have something for you!!! Come check it out!

    Have a good day!!! :)

  12. Ouch about your teeth.

    It is sad that she died. I rarely watched the show though. I think I might be the only one...

  13. I think she would love the little dialogue at the end!!! (Did you create it? It's great!)

  14. Yoww! That story made my teeth hurt!

    I was on a little self imposed break last week and I tried to stay away from the Internet, but I did glimpse that on some breaking news and was very sad. Loved the lady. Loved the show.

  15. Ugh. There was a group of 4 of us friends that stuck together all through school. And we all watched the GG's and labeled one another who we thought fit most.

    I was honored to be the slut of the group. I was proud to tell everyone that I was most like Blanche.

    When I heard this news I told my husband that I am devestated and I may as well kick the bucket myself.

    His response?

    There is an orange bucket from Home Depot near my surfboards in the garage. Go kick that one, honey.

  16. She will be missed. The Golden Girls has always been one of my favorite shows, too. I can remember at age 7, wondering what "confidant" meant as I blurted out the lyrics at the beginning of each episode.

  17. What I liked about these ladies is that they showed us you don't lose sexiness as you get older (unless you choose to). Blanche was hysterical.

  18. LOL abhorred!! And OMG I forgot we were watching that while waiting for Coby. I still can't believe 3 of them are gone!!! :-(

  19. Golden Girls has always been one of my favorite shows, I could never pick my all time favorite lady, it always changed. Dorothy, man wouldn't you love to be as stong and confident as her, Bea was truly a pioneer in television with Maude. Rose...Rose, Rose, Rose I say shaking my head. She might just be my favorite. Betty White is the most amazing woman on the face of the earth - period. Sophia had a mouth of a sailor on her but she spoke from the heart. And yes, I always secretly wanted to be Blanche, she had so much fun in life and said screw you to those who looked down on her. Yes, we will miss Rue.


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