And Away She Goes!

Brace yourselves for a tiny little blog hiatus, y'all ... because I'm going on VACATION!

Yep, that's right: Curtis and me (and my orange knees) are going to be exploring the fair city of Charleston, South Carolina for the next four days. Sans kids.

Do you know what that means?

-No butts, noses, faces, or sticky fingers to wipe
-No crumbs between my boobs
-No drool/snot/food stains on my clothing
-No squabbles to mediate
-No pounding on the door while I'm trying to go to the bathroom in peace

I foresee a couple of adult beverages in my future. And a big king-sized bed to roll around in without worrying about a child or two falling off the edge. And being able to jump on aforementioned king-sized bed without being a bad influence. WIN!

Of course, I'll end up calling to check on the boys every couple of hours, and by the time we get home I'll be elbow-checking the other passengers to get off the plane first so I can see my babies again. But. For right now I'm all, "No kids! Weeeeeee!"

Anyway, comments are off, and I'll see you guys in about a week. If I decide to come back, that is. :)

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