Now THAT'S Recycling

People eat weird snacks. One of my best friends, Lisa, eats dill pickles with peanut butter. Hey, I'm not here to judge ... I used to consume lemons dipped in kosher salt (minus the peel, natch).

When it comes to weird snacks, though, my 2-1/2 year old takes the cake. Well, I guess that isn't a very good expression to use, because it actually isn't cake that Cameron likes to nosh on. It's ... paper products.

Yes. You read that right. PAPER PRODUCTS. But he's discriminating - he's not out eating pamphlets and stationary and the pages of books. No. He prefers soft paper products: like toilet paper. Tissues. Baby wipes. Paper towels. I just confiscated about six squares of T.P. from his mouth, which is what prompted this blog.

It's actually a condition called pica, where kids eat non-food things like they actually taste good. A lot of times it stems from some nutritional deficiency, but not in Cameron's case ... his pediatrician ran a whole panel of tests and proclaimed him good to go. So I guess it's just weirdness (which he gets from his father, I swear).

It makes it easy on me, though. As any mom knows, it's imperative to keep a stash of napkins handy in your purse - and for Cam, they can double as snacks. Y'know, in case I ever run out of Goldfish crackers.

I'm just kidding, y'all. I would never give him a napkin as a snack.

Everybody knows that baby wipes are easier to swallow. ;)



  1. you are too funny! Morgan used to eat paper, but just paper, and one of the kids ate paste too.

  2. haha. of course, like father like son. because we all know that women like the taste of real things, like chocolate.

  3. Well, if you have any remodeling to do, you can have your dog strip the wallpaper and your son dispose of it... :-)

  4. Surely it doesn't taste good! (Although I'm not going to try it and see.) At least it isn't something gross - like cat litter! ;o)

  5. I think that would make me very thirsty.

  6. My daughter chews on tissues and toilet paper when she's bored too...and she's 10! Kids are weird.

  7. There was a kid in my elementary school (who I will never forget - Bradley Snow) who would drink his chocolate milk and then proceed to eat his milk carton. THAT was his snack.

    I'd imagine that all that waxy build up wouldn't be good for you. TP on the other hand is just fiber! :) Same in as out - HA!

  8. Weird kids are the best kids. I totally believe that ;-) (One of my kids ate toilet paper once ... from the kiddie potty. I died of grossness.)

  9. WOW. well, i am glad there is no vitamin deficiency, so i guess this is ok!

    i once heard about a guy that liked to eat pennies. as in copper. BIZARRE!

    have a super weekend!

  10. My mom and dad told me I used to love eating the hot tar of the pavement. I thought it was gum. So, I support your son....Are we not human, yes we are.

  11. Just discovered your blog and it's hilarious! As a mom of 3 boys myself (currently 6 3/4 years old and 3 1/2 year old twins) I can completely relate on everything I have read which has made me laugh out loud! It's good to know that I'm not alone!

    In relation to this post, my boys eat and LOVE toothpaste. It's not quite paper since it belongs in your mouth anyway, but they love just sucking it right out of the tube like a juice box!


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