I'm Ready, Already!

School starts in three weeks. Can I get a hallelujah?

Don't get me wrong. There are things I've enjoyed about Colin's first summer break. Like ... um ...

.... uhhh, like .... ummmm ....


Okay. Maybe summer break will be nice and enjoyable once my kids actually learn to sleep past 6:30 (IF that ever happens, although it sounds more and more like an urban legend to me). And once they stop coming up with brilliant and innovative new ways to make messes. And once they start getting along (if ever). It will be nice when four minutes can elapse without being punctuated with screams, slaps, tattles, or knock-down, drag-out brotherly brawls. I play referee so often I should be sporting some black and white stripes - it's exhausting.

Anyway, now begins the task of the back-to-school shopping, wherein we buy Colin jeans that he will rip, shoes that he will wear holes in, a backpack that he will drag along the ground, shirts that he will irreversibly stain, and supplies that he will burn through like he's eating them. And if last year is any indication, he will do all these things within four to six months, making a second school shopping trip necessary.

At this point, I guess I should be happy that only one of my boys is in school. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when all three of them need a seemingly-endless stream of school supplies and apparel. I'll have to put on my hotpants and fishnets and stand down on the corner just to keep them all properly outfitted.*

*They might be out of luck.

Maybe I should just homeschool them - then I won't have to worry about buying them clothes. They're naked all the time anyway.


  1. My kids slept until 6:15 this morning.

    I woke up at 5:15. No alarm.


  2. The only suggestion I have is to buy an LL Bean backpack. Jonah's is still like new despite being dragged, kicked, stepped on and otherwise abused. Lifetime guarantee, baby. I am all about it. Now if only I could get shoes/jeans with a lifetime guarantee.

  3. Now that school is about to start you can't really do this, but does a later bedtime help them to sleep in?

  4. I agree with Clair that LL Bean backpacks are invincible. I'm actually pretty excited about getting to buy my kids their own backpacks in a few years when they get old enough to attend school!

  5. I'm just disappointed that summer's almost over and I didn't even get to Iowa to spend time with the boys while they were all home! It's fun when you all come here, but I still have to share them with everybody else. At your house, I have them all to myself. Maybe I can make a trip up there this fall!

  6. Oh, all this that I have to look forward to! :S


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