Clip, Clip ... Crap!

There were several things I did not realize about boys until I had them.

1.) They enjoy getting into makeup as much as girls, but only because it makes good fingerpaint.

2.) They may be boys, but you do NOT save money on toilet paper. (Especially when one of them eats it ... cough*Cameron*cough)

3.) They mysteriously wear out the knees of jeans and the toes of shoes on a very regular basis - I'm talking every couple of months. It's like when you're not looking, they get around solely by crawling. On asphalt.

4.) They require CONSTANT HAIRCUTS. Like, you can have their hair perfectly short and literally within a week or so it starts to grow out in a funky manner. (Which is pretty frustrating considering the abysmal length of time it seems to take my hair to grow. Hmmph.)

Which brings me to why I bought some clippers a few weeks ago. Because I've had it, y'all: boy haircuts are just sooooo expensive, especially when you have multiple boys. I feel like a terrible person because I have several stylist friends whose services I should be using, but I can't help it. At $10-$13 per haircut, plus tips (tipplural, because to get them all done relatively quickly, it takes more than one stylist), for three boys and my husband - every two or three weeks, when they start looking shaggy - it adds up. I don't even want to do the math but trust me, cha-ching. It hits this mama right where it hurts.

So I did the thing that any cheap frugal mother would do: started giving my boys home haircuts. At first I tried to use scissors, but ... yeah. Let's just say that attempt would've looked much better if bowl cuts were still in style.

That would be sweet.

So I bought the clippers and just buzzed the boys. Not bald or anything, just short. They don't look all that awesome for now. I mean, I'm supposing I'll get better at it over time, but I'd say a trained chimpanzee could produce comparable results. (This is especially evident when we visit our families and my mother-in-law says pointedly to one of my sons, "Who has been cutting your hair, honey?") I bought the Wahl ColorPro, which at least has color-coded guides to lead me in the proper direction so I'm not all, "Buzzzz ... buzzzzzz .... oops." And the kids are pretty much too young to be embarrassed about their hair yet, so that's good; I've got time on my side. The only iffy one is Colin, who never fails to huff, "But you're not a barber, Mom," as he slumps sullenly into the chair for his cut.

He'll get over it.

The good thing about boys is - even if you mess their 'do up a bit, you can use gel. So even if their haircuts are a tad bit uneven and/or choppy, I can "rough up" the style with gel and make it look, you know, cutting-edge. It really isn't too bad. And if it saves me over $50 a month? That could make any 'do more attractive.

Except for this:

There's just no excuse for that.

... Hence the clippers.

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  1. Jack has never had a professional haircut. I just get out the clippers two or three times a year and buzz him. He looks really good buzzed too - he has this perfectly round head, lol.

  2. ok now I like that second hair cut ?? style ?? Just saying.

  3. When I first started cutting my dog's hair (Oh stop, he's a shih tzu and besides, you're not laughing at me any harder than I laugh at myself) a friend told me that no matter how bad the cut, they all look good in 10 days. This has proven to be true (and believe me, I have tested the theory). I am guessing it works the same way for boys.

  4. Buzz buzz! I used to have that look myself a lot when I was a kid. Now...I like my hair longer.


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