Bad: hearing the phrase, "Mommy, we made glue out of eggs!" from your two youngest dudes.

Good: peeping cautiously into the fridge and realizing that isn't true, the eggs are fine.

Bad: realizing that the "glue" in question is not actually eggs, but is in fact peanut butter. All over the tabletop. Like 1/8" deep.

Think about that for just a minute. Peanut butter. On a wooden tabletop. Gumming up the surface, settling into each tiny groove. It's less like glue and more like ... well, paste. And when you try to wipe it with a paper towel? It just smeeeeears dryly all over the place. Peanut butter doesn't exactly absorb, you know?

I had to use a plastic scraper, y'all. And then tackle it with cleaner and paper towels and enough force to make my arms feel like they were gonna fall off.

... Twice.

These boys are lucky I like 'em.


  1. What a mess! That's just about as bad as the "milk-and-Mentholatum-soup" that some little girl smeared all over her bedroom several years ago. Remeber that? LOL (And you were lucky I like you, too!)

  2. You must have the patience of Job. I can barely handle cleaning up after 3 dogs and you have 3 boys!!!

  3. never figured it to be so difficult. I know that it actually cleans some things...

  4. Way to think on your feet! You treated it like stucco removal. Sounds about right!!! LOL

  5. I totally agree with AmericanBridget (Jones), you must have the patience of Job.


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