A Drink of Diet Peps-pee

So the end of today marks the end of the voting period for the Cutest Couple Contest I wrote about in my last post. People are allowed to vote once a day, and between myself, my family, my husband's family, our friends, and my blog readers and Twitter followers, so far we have .........

.... sixteen votes.

And what's worse? Four of those are mine.

Wah-wahhhhh. (That was that disappointed-trumpet sound, in case you couldn't tell.)

Anyway, I'm not seeing a fantasy suite in my future. I'm disgusted with the voting process anyway, though. It's ridiculously complex to begin with, and to top it off, many people are having problems getting it to process correctly.

So I'm telling myself that if everyone's vote would count, we would be the winners. Right?

... Right??

*cricket, cricket*

Anyway, if you decide you wanna help the underdogs catch up, Seabiscuit-style, you can toss us a vote here.

In other news ...

The other night we were sitting around the table eating dinner when Cameron says, "I need to go pee." And because Cameron needing to pee at inopportune times isn't a rare occasion, I nodded my approval and he left the table and headed toward the bathroom.

But on his way out of the kitchen, I heard him say quietly, "... and get a drink of Diet Pepsi."

Wait a minute.

.... Diet Pepsi?

We don't have Diet Pepsi. Nobody around here drinks Diet Pepsi. I shudder at the thought of Diet Pepsi. And if we did have it? We wouldn't keep it in the bathroom.

I looked quizzically at Curtis. He looked at me. And in a silent moment of mutual understanding, he got up and followed Cameron down the hall.

It's a good thing he did - because Cameron was in the bathroom, head-deep in the toilet, saying, "I'm going to get a drink of Diet Pepsi!" into the echo-ey recesses of the bowl.

Yeah. He was preparing to drink from the toilet, y'all ... despite the full glass of milk awaiting him at the table. I don't even want to know whether he peed in it first. And where he got the "Diet Pepsi" reference, I have absolutely no idea. But then, obviously, logical explanations of Cameron's behaviors are few and far between.

Do you ever look at your kids and think, "Who are you? How did you get this way?" Because he certainly didn't get all that crazy weirdness from me. Although I do agree on one thing: diet soda and toilet water would probably taste pretty much the same.


  1. I think that ALL THE TIME with Lorelli. The girl is weird. I blame her father who has little contact with her, but still shares her genes.

  2. Once again, I'm laughing out loud over here! I could totally see that happening at my house! And, I am all the time wondering how my kids end up thinking and doing such weird things.

  3. I have tried to vote three different times to vote and the process is just screwed up. I couldn't get it, I created an account, it messed up my registration, it wouldn't take my password.... a numerous amount of complications.... don't know what the deal is, but whoever is the winning couple must have some inside scoop on how to do it. Sorry, I really wanted you two to win!


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