Easter - Oh, Boy

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the only time I ever wish I had a little girl, just a tiny bit, is at Easter. I mean ... the dresses! The hair bows! The cute ruffly tights and shiny shoes! I can buy my boys dolls and watch Sofia the First and whatever, but putting them in Easter dresses is a recipe for a future trip to The Jerry Springer Show.

(Not that I haven't considered it.)

This Easter, perhaps more than any, it really hit home that not only do I not have girls, but I have boys that are no longer babies and therefore into general boyish shenanigans - religious holiday or not.

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful neighborhood with the absolute best neighbors in the world (and I mean the ones beside us, and the ones across the street - like, literally everyone in our block is amazing). We celebrate lots of holidays together, and this year, we figured that my backyard would be the perfect place to have an Easter egg hunt.

We have a big yard with a creek running through it, and aside from a little bit of drama happening there one time, it's pretty awesome.

Until now, the boys have pretty much stayed away from it. But like I said - they're getting older. And of course, they're gravitating toward the creek ... because CREEK. It's very shallow, so sometimes I allow them to play in or around it as long as I'm around to supervise. (Because MOM.)

My neighbors have boys, too, so we had a grand total of six little dudes running amok in our backyard, finding eggs. And of course, once the eggs were hunted down, where did the boys end up? The creek, naturally. I probably would have stopped them, but I was busy stealing their candy and chatting with the neighbors supervising my toddler and they just kind of sneaked down there. Boys have a tendency to do that.

These two are a couple of mine. I just love how they look like there is nothing at all wrong with immersing themselves in disgusting stinky creek-mud with decent clothes on.

I just kept repeating silently to myself, "I have stain remover and a washing machine."

It was all fun and games and Easter memories being made ... and then this happened:

Yes. That's a shoe, minus the kid who stepped out of it and walked through the mud in his socks. I'm sad to say, it was a total loss. (Much like my motherly sanity at that point.)


But the boys weren't the only thing that got into the creek and came out covered in mud.

Luckily, I am not above eating muddy candy.

The celebration was capped off by a huge wrestling match, wherein six little boys attempted to dogpile our neighbor Robert.

It looks harmless enough now, but trust me, it escalated quickly. 

When I think of Easter, I think of freshness and renewal, pristine clothing and clean children. But our holiday culminated in a ton of extra laundry, muddy footprints all over my floor, and a seriously heinous dirt ring around my bathtub. 

I guess that's life with boys, though ... even on Easter.

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  1. LOL - this cracks me up. Boys are ridiculous - and pretty hilarious and fun, too. The mud thing.

  2. Boys are gross. Wish I woulda realized that before I got married and had six of them.

  3. Haha. Natalie loves the mud too. If she sees mud, she jumps in it. And ruins her pretty dresses. Le sigh.


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