It's (Kinda) Good to be Home

Home is where the heart is. And by "heart" I mean an overflowing litter box and a dead fish. But hey, at least we all made it back alive and (relatively) unscathed.

As you know if you've read the last post, we traveled four hours away to celebrate Cameron's birthday with our families, and our intended three-day "vacation" turned into a five-day ordeal when Curtis got sick. His tonsils were infected and abscessed, and his throat swelled to the point that he could hardly breathe. So rather than relaxing and hanging out, as was the plan, he ended up chillin' in the hospital for two lovely days. It sucked that he had to be there, but I think he enjoyed the 24-hour room service and free loaner laptop. (And the colorful roommate whose wife had no problem telling anyone within earshot that her husband had surgery to remove a growth from his testicles.)

And I? Ended up wrangling all three of the boys. I'm not gonna say I did it all by my lonesome, because we did have family around (thank goodness) ... but I was still the primary caregiver much of the time, and it was much more difficult than it is when Curtis is around to co-parent. I seriously have not a.) gone to bed before midnight or b.) slept more than an hour at a time for the last four nights, and exhaustion has overtaken me in a major way.

Too bad I can't fall into bed and sleep for a couple of days. I've got suitcases to unpack, laundry to do, kids to chase after, and a house to return to normal order. Not to mention a daunting queue of freelance writing jobs. I'm definitely thankful in spite of it all - it could be so much worse - but I sure wish there were no deadlines (or piles of dirty clothes) looming.

But there are. So.

First order of business? Order some Chinese food, because I'm too lazy tired to cook. And then try to clean up a little bit while we're waiting for its delivery. Maybe I'll light a lovely scented candle, because Colin proclaimed that the house smelled like "green beans and chicken nuggets and throw-up" (mmm) when we came in.

Probably that overflowing litter box.

I can't wait until the kids are old enough to scoop it themselves.


  1. I am gald that you returned home safely. And yeah, I would SO order food too.

  2. So glad you are all home safe and sound. There's something about the hospital that just puts you way behind and exhausts you, especially when you are away from home...and not to mention, taking care of three children! You deserve to sleep for two days!

  3. I always find that I need a vacation to recover from recovering from my vacation. . . And that is with only ONE small child - minus a hospital stay and plus a husband. I'm feeling your pain right now. :(

    Glad to know that Curtis is feeling better now. And hopefully by now your house smells like Chinese food and not. . .blegh.

    Good luck getting back into the swing!

  4. Glad you guys made it home safely! Do the essentials and let everything else go for a while.

    I miss those little boys SO much! Found a tiny sock in the dryer today....guess I'll save it for your next visit!

  5. Aw hope the kids are ok now? Bless you Chinese food is my fav takeaway. Yum now I want some and we I am making Lasagne for my hubbie tonight.

    By the way your house sounds like my house only on a daily basis. lol. And I only have 1 youngling!!! Yikes. xx

  6. Not a relaxing time at all! Hope you can at least get to bed early tonight!

  7. Item #1...make the kids to chores!! At least you made it home safe!


  8. I hope things get back to normal soon!

    Don't you just love strangers who share such intimate details? :0)

  9. ugh! you poor thing! you need a vacation from it all (and someone needs to take care of the cooking, cleaning, laundry AND litterbox while you are away)! bleh!

    hope you get to rest and catch up this weekend!

  10. I think the first chance you get, get Curtis to watch the kids and check into a hotel for a weekend - bubble bath then fall into bed, face first and sleep as long as you can. It will revive you and give you a totally different outlook on life. Ooorrrr you will cling to the hotel door screaming, "NO NO NO You can't MAKE me leave. I don't wanna. NO I'm not going back! I want to live here where someone else does my sheets!!"

    OH and p.s., the kids are old enough now - well, except the baby!

  11. Glad you are home and hopefully had that take out...and maybe you get a little "rita only" time soon.

  12. Ugh- sounds like a lovely vacation. Glad you're back and hopefully back to normal soon.

  13. I know the feeling - we got back to peed on sofa's because our cat went stir crazy without us, and I think he thought the cat sitter was trying to poison him. He's refused to eat that brand of food ever since.

    More to clean when we got back than I expected, so instead of cleaning the base cushions, I had new foam cut. (But partly because I'd already wanted to do that!!)

  14. Colin's comment made me giggle! :P Sorry to hear Curtis had to go to the hospital, but glad he is ok and hopefully you've been able to rest up since then! I'm enjoying catching up on your blog, you are (I think) motivating me to officially start my own! We'll see how it goes...


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