On That Note ...

Colin writes me notes - and has, legible or not, since he could pick up a pencil. I find them here, there, and everywhere. He writes me love notes when he's in a good mood, and he writes me "hate mail" when he's mad: 

I don't lick him either, unless, like, his face is really dirty or something.

Sometimes, in addition to a sweet sentiment, he'll throw in a tidbit of valuable information ...

...such as: "I love Mom ... and Coby is in the toilet."

Thanks for letting me know, son.


  1. That is awesome. My Peanut leaves me notes that say things I associate with the movie Anchorman: Such as : "I love leaf, leavves, leafys." Well, that was one I found yesterday.

    PS "I love Lamp!"

  2. That's awesome! Absolutely priceless!

  3. Adorable and frightening at the same time ;)

  4. lol
    Keep those and frame them into a collage. He might want them when he's older. :)

  5. I do hope you're keeping a file on every one of your boys. There's no one quite like any of them, and they're all so different. Your next 20 years should be exciting!

  6. I don't lick you?? I about died.
    Funny stuff right there.

  7. Those are AWESOME! Most especially the toilet info. I LOVE smart kids. My nephew could read so well, one day I wasn't allowed to speak at all, as part of a sign language class. I had to pick him up from preschool. He was FOUR. I wrote this involved note telling him I couldn't talk, etc. He read it out loud to his 3 year old sister and totally got it. So GREAT! Clearly Colin is along those lines.

  8. How special you must feel! I know you will treasure these moments forever.


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